hacked with SQL Injection Vulnerability

Sify's website contain SQL injection Vulnerability and Hackers are able to Database Access, Database Dump, Possibility of shell uploading.

Sify is one of India's leading integrated Information Communications Technology companies. Sify was one of the first private sector player to offer internet access, when internet access was opened to private sector. It leased international bandwidth from global vendors, domestic connectivity from telecom players and set up last mile connectivity by multiple methods: wi-fi connections using roof top antennae, copper connections using phone lines or cable TV connections. Sify also started providing internet network connectivity for business enterprises in India. Sify set up a chain of franchised internet cafes (today a network of over 3,300+ cybercafes).

No data has been dumped by Hackers. Database has been accessed just to take screenshots so that we can make company believethat the vulnerability actually exist.


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