Sony BMG Greece Hack, Complete Details Out !

Update : 10th Attack on Sony --> Sony Ericsson Got Hacked by Idahca (Lebanese hacker Group)

Yesterday , we have reported that On 5th May, 2011 - Sony BMG's Greek website was also got hacked.  One of Them Provided the Full extract database from the site.  b4d_vipera was the hacker who Deface the site using SQL injection method. There are 8385 users on this website. Sample of hacked Database was leaked at . This was 7th Attack on Sony.

As from Source :
DB Detection: MsSQL no error (Auto Detected)
Method: GETType: 
Data Base: SONYBMG
Table: USERS
Total Rows: 8385
Fields are : u_id, u_usr , u_name, u_pwd , u_company , u_email , u_tel , FOREIGN_DOMAIN , u_regdate ,  u_lname

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