Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Hacked by Lulzsec, Users data & Database Leaked !
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Lulzsec Hack Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) website and Add their deface page as shown above, with a message on page "Hey Anonymous, we heard you were having trouble!" The Title of the page is "FREE BRADLEY MANNING. FUCK FRONTLINE!" .

They hack the site admin panel and published a report that claims legendary rappers Tupac and Biggie Smalls are alive in New Zealand.
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Not only the site, Even they also Leak whole database of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) via Their Twitter account. The hack is using SQL injection Technique. The tool used for extarcting database is Havij - Automated sql injection tool.
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1.) PBS SQL database leaked
2.) PBS Frontline logins
3.) PBS all press passwords
4) PBS all stations and passwords
5.) PBS MySQL root passwords
6.) PBS Network map disclosure
7.) PBS staffers/admins

They also give the indication that their Next Target will be SONY again. They are planning to give another HIT to sony.

Recently, Some days before LulzSec Hacking team today Release the Sony's Japanese website Database dump - Read More.

Update : PBS hacked again by Shadow DXS
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