Now it's official: HBA-crew v2, was hacked! Ip 'were logged, Database is public!
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An official statement is as early as the first April before. But was it so funny but not that it was serious:

Now we can not hide it anymore. geloaded Since yesterday evening by a leak in the server the entire database of HBA, packaged and put on various public OCH's been. Because, unfortunately, still in some areas, no IP logging was disabled, we ask you immediately to secure your systems. It's just a matter of time. Starting with the great and stopped at the small.
The forum is in the background already reorganized. According to the internals using Co.Admin TheSaint was - made possible the leak.
No one can be trusted - unfortunately.

Bitter ! be deceived by the private Co. Admin thereby. Well let's look at how the index looked like:
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"Hacked by a pro of the scene"

The Happy Ninja's are the again the scene on its head:

First of all, here is the plain text of the sha1 hash we posted in our
last publication:
sha1 ("happy_ninjas_exp03_ruquzZZz") => 447d843c775b0aab65b2801f1bdef9d7e1ced8fc
Sadly hba-crew has been owned today by some other moron (apparently to
inside job). We have to agree with the defacement page in that the
server was not secured very well. However we can not agree with that guy
selling their database backup for ~ 250 €. Under these circumstances we
are forced to publish our own backup from their forum, Which dates
back to approximately one month ago. As you see, hba-crew has been
backdoored by us for quite a while, actually since the first day they
Went back online. We are sorry that this is not an exp03 either. But
do hope not shed. Here is the hash that * hopefully * will be published
in our next ezine: 49bd4433fff1b04530dcaff1f52fa971ff895871
- The happy ninja

Funny, right? As thought the Pro of the scene, he would be the pros and then come back the Ninja's in game and exceed all expectations ... The SHA are proving it's the real ninja. And above all, it shows that there are still people who do not need money but it just PUB doing so not just any son parasite gets his 250 €! (Beautiful thing)

Well, the dump is open to all and put on as usual.
A screen of valuable 3rd lvl
The Hacker News

A statement by HBA:

HBA Hello community!
This time it's no April Fool's joke but (sadly) the truth. HBA crew was hacked and is offline until further notice.
About IP logging we have to say nothing, because there is nothing to say on the subject. Conjecture we leave as another. Who is behind the "hack" is inserted quite uninteresting. At least for me.

TheSaint has nothing to do with it. The old statement is from 1 April. Apparently some are too stupid to read. Very well. Requests ICQ -> Ignore
To 6.4.11 will change one bit right. HBA will definitely come back there is no question. When and how did you learn on Twitter that is updated in real time.

TheSaint HBA Admin

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