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BackTrack 5 will also be for Motorola Xoom !

In the past few days offensive-security have been toying with some Motorola hardware, and have managed to get a basic build of BackTrack 5 (+ toolchain) on a Motorola Xoom. The possibilities look exciting as offensive-security are slowly building several experimental arm packages. offensive-security team does not have much experience with the Android OS nor ARM hardware, but so far – so good. offensive-security will not promise an ARM release on May 10th, as this new “experiment” was not planned in any way – but we’ll do our best.

As of now, offensive-security have got a modified version of an Ubuntu 10.04 ARM image, chrooted on a Motorola Xoom. The tablet is running a modified, overclockable kernel (from 1.0 to 1.5 GHz). The chrooted BackTrack environment is running a VNC server, from which you can connect from the tablet itself. When run locally from the Xoom tablet, the VNC session does not lag, and the touch keyboard and touchscreen are very workable.
As expected from a chrooted environment, offensive-security are not using any custom drivers (for now), and injection and other related wireless attacks are NOT possible. Here’s a few screenshots we managed to scrounge from our dev box:
  • BackTrack on Motorola Xoom Screen 1

  • BackTrack on Motorola Xoom Screen 2

  • BackTrack on Motorola Xoom Screen 3

  • BackTrack on Motorola Xoom Screen 4

  • BackTrack on Motorola Xoom Screen 5

  • BackTrack on Motorola Xoom Screen 6

  • offensive-security hope to release a dev version of this image in a couple of weeks for other Xoom owners to play with. We’ll keep you posted !
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