Email & Bank Account of DIRECTOR,Indian Ministry of Communications & IT Hacked by Zcompany Hacking Crew !
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Last Night (24 March,2011) we (The Hacker News) got an email from id of Amar Singh Meena,DIRECTOR (T)TEC, Ministry of Communications & IT. But this email was sent by a Hacker from his email id having codename "Hard Hunter" from Zcompany Hacking Crew. Zcompany Hacking Crew or ZHC Hack for reason to raise awareness of the issues in the world with a main focus on Kashmir & Palestine. Now they have access to Personal Email ID of Mr. Amar Singh Meena and also have his ICICI Bank details.

Even Today 1389 Indian websites defaced/Hacked By ZCompany Hacking Crew & TeaMp0isoN : Read Here

How ZHC hack into Email :
Hard Hunter [ZHC] had a access to a Online Store where he found email of Amar Singh, they hack logged into his email and then went for his ICICI details.

Message From ZHC :
As in above image, The email send us (The Hacker News) from hacked email , they said that :

Hello Hackers News,
This is not A.S meena himself but its me Hard Hunter from Zcompany
Hacking Crew.We want to show this that we've successfully hacked into
the Director's email and got his bank account details and etc.We're
going to show those documents soon

Hard Hunter[ZHC]

They Have told that, they will public all his Bank and Email data details soon !

Proof Of Hack :
Here some Screenshots send us By ZHC as the Proof of Hack :
1.) Reliance share hold Email
The Hacker News

2.) Email Related to National Securities Depository Limited
The Hacker News
3.) ICICI Bank Account Details / Account Successfully Accessed
The Hacker News

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