It's never been easier to experience the power of a decentralized, transparent, immutable and secure blockchain. Dedicated to breaking down the barriers to building on blockchain, Algorand now adheres to Python semantic compatibility—unlike other pythonic languages in the blockchain industry—meaning that the basic tooling (syntax highlighting, linting, etc.) works right out of the box, with more updates to be release later this year.

Why build on blockchain? It offers permanent, transparent record-keeping, enables traceability and provenance, and unlocks opportunities for innovation across industries. Bring your existing Python skills, existing testing framework, and favorite IDE to start building securely on the blockchain with Algorand's AlgoKit!

Join Algorand's John Woods, Min Wei and Marc Vanlerberghe as they delve into the practical applications of Python in blockchain development in general, discussing why Python's simplicity and versatility make it an ideal programming language for blockchain projects.

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