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Flaws in Popular Self-Encrypting SSDs Let Attackers Decrypt Data

Flaws in Popular Self-Encrypting SSDs Let Attackers Decrypt Data
November 06, 2018Swati Khandelwal
We all have something to hide, something to protect. But if you are also relying on self-encrypting drives for that, then you should read this news carefully. Security researchers have discovered multiple critical vulnerabilities in some of the popular self-encrypting solid state drives (SSD) that could allow an attacker to decrypt disk encryption and recover protected data without knowing the password for the disk. The researchers—Carlo Meijer and Bernard van Gastel—at Radboud University in the Netherlands reverse engineered the firmware several SSDs that offer hardware full-disk encryption to identify several issues and detailed their findings in a new paper ( PDF ) published Monday. "The analysis uncovers a pattern of critical issues across vendors. For multiple models, it is possible to bypass the encryption entirely, allowing for a complete recovery of the data without any knowledge of passwords or keys," the researchers say. The duo successfully tested their

Intel launches Hardware-based Self-Encrypting Solid State Drives

Intel launches Hardware-based Self-Encrypting Solid State Drives
July 25, 2014Wang Wei
Data security is a big task for businesses as well as a challenge for IT leaders, whether it be securing networks or devices. Past few months, we often came across various data breaches, the largest among all was Target data breach , which cost a business nearly $50,000 in lost productivity, replacement and data recovery.  Once a bad actor has stolen your hardware or compromised your network, the ability to lock down sensitive data is predominant. To help mitigate these threats in order to protect businesses against data breaches without even damaging performance, Intel has announced its latest enterprise-class solid state drives (SSDs) that are self-encrypting, packaged with some powerful security and management features. The New Intel SSD 2500 Pro Series of solid state drives offers significant performance with hardware-based 256-bit self-encryption to reduce the impact on the performance. Intel SSD 2500 Pro Series will be offered in both 2.5-inch SATA and M.2
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