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New iPhone Passcode Bypass Hack Exposes Photos and Contacts

New iPhone Passcode Bypass Hack Exposes Photos and Contacts

Oct 02, 2018
Looking for a hack to bypass the passcode or screen lock on iPhones? Jose Rodriguez, an iPhone enthusiast, has discovered a passcode bypass vulnerability in Apple's new iOS version 12 that potentially allows an attacker to access photos and contacts, including phone numbers and emails, on a locked iPhone XS and other recent iPhone models. Rodriguez, who also discovered iPhone lock screen hacks in the past, has posted two videos (in Spanish) on his YouTube channel under the account name Videosdebarraquito demonstrating a complicated 37-step iPhone passcode bypass process. The iPhone authorization screen bypass flaw works on the latest iPhones, including the iPhone XS, running Apple's latest iOS 12 beta and iOS 12 operating systems. Video Demonstrations: Here's How to Bypass iPhone Passcode As you can watch in the video demonstrations, the iPhone hack works provided the attacker has physical access to the targeted iPhone that has Siri enabled and Face ID either disa
Hacker Finds a Simple Way to Bypass Android 5.x Lock Screen [Steps & Video]

Hacker Finds a Simple Way to Bypass Android 5.x Lock Screen [Steps & Video]

Sep 16, 2015
A Security researcher and hacker, named John Gordon , has found an easy way to bypass the security of locked smartphones running Android 5.0 and 5.1 (Build LMY48M). Many of us use various security locks on our devices like Pattern lock, PIN lock and Password lock in order to protect the privacy of our devices. However, a vulnerability could now allow anyone to take your Android smartphone ( 5.0 build LMY48I ) with locked screen, perform a " MAGIC TRICK " and as a result crash the user interface (UI) for the password screen and gain access to your device. The vulnerability, assigned CVE-2015-3860 , has been dubbed as " Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability in Lockscreen ". How the Attack Works? The secret behind the researcher's "MAGIC TRICK" is as follows: Get the device and open the Emergency dialer screen. Type a long string of numbers or special characters in the input field and copy-n-paste a long string continuously til
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Critical flaw in Viber app allows full access to Smartphones

Critical flaw in Viber app allows full access to Smartphones

Apr 24, 2013
More than 50 millions of Smartphone users worldwide are facing a risk posed by a critical flaw in Viber app. The security company Bkav announced that it has found a way to gain full access to Android phones using the popular Viber messaging app. Unlike the Samsung lockscreen issue we reported on earlier, this attack doesn't take any fancy finger work. Instead, all it needs is two phones, both running Viber, and a phone number. " The way Viber handles to popup its messages on smartphones' lock screen is unusual, resulting in its failure to control programming logic, causing the flaw to appear, " said Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc, Director of Bkav's Security Division. Steps to exploit: Send Viber message to victim Combine actions on Viber message popups with tricks like using victim's notification bar, sending other Viber messages, etc. to make Viber keyboard appear Once Viber keyboard has appeared, to fully access the device, create misse
Samsung Galaxy Note II lock screen bypass vulnerability

Samsung Galaxy Note II lock screen bypass vulnerability

Mar 04, 2013
iOS was in the news lately for a series of security mishaps, but this time android back in scene. A security flaw discovered by Terence Eden on the Galaxy Note II with Android 4.1.2 that allows hackers to briefly bypass the phone's lock screen without needing a password. By hitting " emergency call " then " emergency contacts " then holding the home button, the main home screen becomes visible for around a second just enough time to load an app, before reverting back to the lock screen. Not all apps will open in this manner, a demo video shows that Google Play does not respond. Reportedly, Eden contacted Samsung roughly five days ago but has yet to hear back. He said that he has not tested any other Samsung devices to see if they are also affected. The flaw appears to be similar to a screen lock vulnerability in newer Apple devices, including the iPhone 5. Steps to follow: Lock the device with a "secure" pattern, PIN
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