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Anonymous Hackers Target Israeli Websites and Leak Credentials

Anonymous Hackers Target Israeli Websites and Leak Credentials

Apr 07, 2015
The infamous hacking group Anonymous that vowed an ' Electronic Holocaust ' against Israel and promised to 'erase Israel from cyberspace' on 7th April, managed to launch a cyber attack, beginning Tuesday morning. In a spooky video " message to Israel " posted on YouTube March 4 , Anonymous declared cyber attack against Israel on April 7 in response to what the group calls ' crimes in the Palestinian territories. ' Today we noticed a number of hacking incidents against Israeli cyberspace under #OpIsrael . Anonymous conduct #OpIsrael attack against Israel every year on 7th April and this is the fourth annual cyber attack on Israel in order to protest against Israeli bombing on the Palestinian territory. CYBER ATTACKS AGAINST ISRAEL Today, Anonymous and Pro-Palestinian hackers targeted dozens of Israeli Government websites , including the Knesset portal (parliament), as well as websites related to the Israeli court system and the
Vulnerability Exposes Thousands of GoPRO Users' Wireless Passwords

Vulnerability Exposes Thousands of GoPRO Users' Wireless Passwords

Mar 03, 2015
GoPro , the popular wearable high-definition camera manufacturer, has vulnerability in its official website that exposes usernames and passwords of thousand of its customers' wireless network. Action camera maker GoPro manufactures cameras which are compact, lightweight, rugged, and are wearable or mountable on vehicles. GoPro cameras capture still photos or video in HD through a wide-angle lens. GoPro offers a mobile app to its users that gives you full remote control of all camera functions — take a photo, start/stop recording and adjust settings. You need to connect to the wireless network operated by your camera, and the GoPro app gives you instant access to the GoPro Channel to view photos and play back videos, then share your favorites via email, text, Facebook, Twitter and more. FLAW EXPOSES WIRELESS PASSWORD Security researcher Ilya Chernyakov reported The Hacker News team that GoPro camera update mechanism could expose your wireless username and passwor
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