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Turkish Government websites hacked by Anonymous, declares #OpTurkey

Turkish Government websites hacked by Anonymous, declares #OpTurkey

June 03, 2013Mohit Kumar
Internet Activists and Collective Hacker group Anonymous carried out a series of cyber attacks on Turkish government websites in retaliation for violent police response to anti-government protests, launched #OpTurkey operation. There are several videos to be seen on YouTube about the protest of yesterday, one of the videos show one of the protesters wearing an Anonymous mask . “ You have censored social media and other communications of your people in order to suppress the knowledge of your crimes against them. Now Anonymous will shut you down and your own people will remove you from power, ” the group tells the Turkish administration. The Anonymous attack came after a series of brutal clashes between police and protesters that arose on Friday after Turkish police conducted a crackdown on a peaceful environmental demonstration in Istanbul’s Taksim Square. With #opTurkey , the hacktivist collective plans to “attack every Internet and communications asset of the Turkish g
Anonymous hacks 20 million accounts to promote Operation Jubilee

Anonymous hacks 20 million accounts to promote Operation Jubilee

October 26, 2012Mohit Kumar
Anonymous hackers claimed that they compromise over 20 million user accounts worldwide this year to promote Operation Jubilee . Large community web sites were targeted to gain access to users' contact information. Many administrators denied that their databases were at risk while all their data was being downloaded. The reason for one of the largest hacking campaigns in history is to rally people to cancel debt and end the economic crisis. Earlier this month Operation Jubilee came into public view after defacing several popular police forums. Members of the police forums received e-mail inviting them to join the Operation. News of the defaces spread quickly with the help of social media platforms. Until these events, Operation Jubilee was virtually unknown to the general population. Unbeknownst to the public, large web sites were already being attacked for months. Operation Jubilee is a peaceful protest to take place on the 5th of November in front of Parliament in L
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