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This Tiny Computer has no Battery, Powered Wirelessly from Radio Waves

This Tiny Computer has no Battery, Powered Wirelessly from Radio Waves

Apr 27, 2016
No matter how smart and fast your devices would be, the biggest issue is always with the battery technology. Whenever you go to buy any electronic gadget — smartphone, laptop, or any wearable — the most important specification isn't its processor speed or its camera quality but its Battery Backup , which is not getting better any time soon. What if you could eliminate the very thing entirely? Well, that's exactly what the electrical engineers from the University of Washington has developed. A team of researchers from the University of Washington's Sensor Lab and the Delft University of Technology has developed a new gadget that doesn't need a battery or any external power source to keep it powered; rather it works on radio waves. So, this means you have to turn on your radio every time to keep this device charged. Right? No, you don't need to do this at all, because the device sucks radio waves out of the air and then converts them into electricity. Wireless Ident
Researchers to Develop Long-Lasting Solid-State Batteries

Researchers to Develop Long-Lasting Solid-State Batteries

Sep 18, 2015
Whenever you go to Buy any Electronic Gadget — Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Watch — the most important specification isn't its processor speed or its camera quality. It's how long the device's battery backup is. Imagine easy access to such batteries that provide more battery power after charging it once, do not give up in less time and have a life of many years. To achieve this, the researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Samsung , have developed a new material that could potentially revolutionize the Battery industry. Researchers have solved all these Battery issues with just one weird practical approach, called Solid-State Electrolytes . Today the cells we depend on contain Liquid-State Electrolyte , the researchers thought of replacing the one with a Solid form of electrolyte. Solid-State Electrolytes could simultaneously address the greatest challenges associated with improving lithium-ion batteries (LIB) , with the possibility to increas
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Here's How You Can Replace Your iPhone Battery For Free

Here's How You Can Replace Your iPhone Battery For Free

Jul 04, 2015
Nothing is scarier than your iPhone alerting you that your battery had hit 5%, especially when you just took it off the charger with a 100 percent full battery about an hour ago.  To be very honest, it literally sucks. However, you no need to worry about this problem now, as there's a solution. Apple has just modified its warranty programs to make it easier for you to get your iPhone battery or in some cases, the whole device exchanged at an Apple Store. Under its new AppleCare+ policy , the company is offering to replace the batteries in your iOS devices for free until January 2016 , but if and only if you are eligible. Are you Eligible for New iPhone Battery? To make sure your iPhone is eligible, you need to check these simple things: You need to have bought the iPhone between September 2012 and January 2013 If yes, then the capacity of your battery also has to hold less than 80% of its original capacity Previously, the policy offers replacement of
Aluminium Battery that Charges SmartPhone in Just 1 Minute

Aluminium Battery that Charges SmartPhone in Just 1 Minute

Apr 08, 2015
Most of us could not imagine our lives without Smartphone, but the most annoying part of Smartphone remains its battery life. No matter how power efficient our device would be, the smart display, faster performance and several apps running on our phones end up consuming all of it. Now, I am here just not to talk about all these problems that you are facing, but I am here to introduce you an ultra-fast-charging battery that can charge your Smartphone in as little as 60 Seconds. Yes, you heard right! Recharge your battery in just 60 seconds means, 1 minute. FAST BATTERY CHARGING TECHNOLOGY Scientists at Stanford University in the U.S. have developed a prototype aluminium battery that charges smartphone to full capacity in just 60 seconds. Researchers say that this new aluminium battery is long-lasting, flexible and cheap, and could one day replace lithium-ion and alkaline batteries used in used in millions of mobile phones and laptops today. In addition to
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