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DoorDash Breach Exposes 4.9 Million Users' Personal Data

DoorDash Breach Exposes 4.9 Million Users' Personal Data
September 27, 2019Swati Khandelwal
Do you use DoorDash frequently to order your food online? If yes, you are highly recommended to change your account password right now . DoorDash—the popular on-demand food-delivery service—today confirmed a massive data breach that affects almost 5 million people using its platform, including its customers, delivery workers, and merchants as well. DoorDash is a San Francisco-based on-demand food delivery service (just like Zomato and Swiggy in India) that connects people with their local restaurants and get delivered food on their doorsteps with the help of contracted drivers, also known as "Dashers." The service operates in more than 4,000 cities across the United States and Canada. What happened? In a blog post published today, DoorDash said the company became aware of a security intrusion earlier this month after it noticed some "unusual activity" from a third-party service provider. Immediately after detecting the security intrusion, the comp

Zomato Hacked; Hacker Puts Up 17 Million Users' Emails and Passwords On Sale

Zomato Hacked; Hacker Puts Up 17 Million Users' Emails and Passwords On Sale
May 18, 2017Mohit Kumar
If you ever ordered food from Zomato, You should be Worried! India's largest online restaurant guide Zomato confirmed today that the company has suffered a data breach and that accounts details of millions of its users have been stolen from its database. In a blog post published today, the company said about 17 Million of its 120 Million user accounts from its database were stolen. What type of information? The stolen account information includes user email addresses as well as hashed passwords. Zomato claims that since the passwords are encrypted, it cannot be decrypted by the attackers, so the "sanctity of your password is intact." It seems Zomato is downplaying the threat or unaware of the fact that these days hackers are using cloud computing, which enables them to decrypt even a 15-18 character passwords within a few hours. So there's no guarantee your passwords will not eventually get cracked. Update: As shown in the above screenshot taken
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