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German Police Seek Help In Finding Parcel Bomber With MAC Address

German Police Seek Help In Finding Parcel Bomber With MAC Address
Jan 09, 2019
German police are seeking your help in gathering information related to a MAC address that could lead to the cell phone device used by a DHL blackmailer who last year parceled out bombs at different addresses in Brandenburg and Berlin. Between November 2017 and April 2018, someone used German parcel delivery service DHL to sent out several so-called improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in packets, demanding €10 million worth of bitcoins from the parcel service. In one event, a parcel containing nails, screws, and fireworks explosive powder was received by a pharmacy adjacent to the German Christmas market during 2017 Christmas, which eventually caused the evacuation of the market. German police later discovered a message inside that package in which the blackmailer threatened to send more parcels in the pre-Christmas season unless DHL made a 10 million euro payment in Bitcoin. During the investigation, the German police successfully communicated with the alleged blackmailer m

WPA3 Standard Officially Launches With New Wi-Fi Security Features

WPA3 Standard Officially Launches With New Wi-Fi Security Features
Jun 26, 2018
The Wi-Fi Alliance today officially launched WPA3 —the next-generation Wi-Fi security standard that promises to eliminate all the known security vulnerabilities and wireless attacks that are up today including the dangerous KRACK attacks . WPA, or Wi-Fi Protected Access, is a standard designed to authenticate wireless devices using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol and is intended to prevent hackers from eavesdropping on your wireless data. However, in late last year, security researchers uncovered a severe flaw in the current WPA2 protocol, dubbed KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack), that made it possible for attackers to intercept, decrypt and even manipulate WiFi network traffic. Although most device manufacturers patched their devices against KRACK attacks, the WiFi Alliance, without much delay, rushed to finalize and launch WPA3 in order to address WPA2's technical shortcomings from the ground. What is WPA3? What New Security Features WPA3 Offers? WP
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