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Awesome! WhatsApp Now Lets You Send Files of Any Format

Awesome! WhatsApp Now Lets You Send Files of Any Format

Jul 14, 2017
Have you ever felt like wishing of sending any type of file immediately to your friends and office colleagues on WhatsApp directly, instead of just contacts, images or documents? Well, now you can… The latest version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS now allows users to send and receive any type of files, whether it's .mp3, .avi, .php, zip files, or even APKs. The company last month rolled out this feature to its beta users for Android, and now after being tested successfully, the feature is being released to all WhatsApp users in the latest public update for iOS and Android. The ability to send any file types also works on the WhatsApp-Web client . And of course, there's a file-size limit: Android users can send files up to 100MB iOS users can send files up to 128MB While WhatsApp-web users can only send up to 64MB To send any file format you just need to select 'Document' from 'Attach.' Additionally, the latest update of the app will allow you to select photos
Atlassian's HipChat Hacked — Users' Data May Have Been Compromised

Atlassian's HipChat Hacked — Users' Data May Have Been Compromised

Apr 25, 2017
Atlassian's group chat platform HipChat is notifying its users of a data breach after some unknown hacker or group of hackers broke into one of its servers over the weekend and stole a significant amount of data, including group chat logs. What Happened? According to a security notice published on the company's website today, a vulnerability in a "popular third-party" software library used by its HipChat.com service allowed hackers to break into its server and access customer account information. However, HipChat did not say exactly which programming blunder the hackers exploited to get into the HipChat cloud server. What type of Information? Data accessed by the hackers include user account information such as customers' names, email addresses and hashed password information. Besides information, attackers may have obtained metadata from HipChat "rooms" or groups, including room name and room topic. While metadata is not as critical as d
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MegaChat — Kim Dotcom launches end-to-end encrypted Video Calling Service

MegaChat — Kim Dotcom launches end-to-end encrypted Video Calling Service

Jan 22, 2015
Are you worried about your privacy? Its Obvious because of a Hacker or the government could be snooping in your emails, voice or video calls. The Famous Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom , who introduced legendary Megaupload and Mega file sharing services to the World, has now released its latest encrypted communication software for video calling, messaging and chat. Kim Doctom's file-sharing site Mega has launched the public beta of its end-to-end encrypted video and audio chat service called " MegaChat ", which the company says gives better protection than alternatives such as Skype and Google Hangouts. MegaChat is currently free to use and right now just provides browser-based audio and video calls, but Mr. Dotcom said on Twitter "Text chat and video conferencing will follow soon," HOW TO USE MEGACHAT Create a Mega account. Simply log in via the web browser and click on the Conversations icon provided on the left-hand side  Contacts will need their own M
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