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Warning! CCTV Cameras Sold on Amazon Come with Pre-Installed Malware

Warning! CCTV Cameras Sold on Amazon Come with Pre-Installed Malware

Apr 12, 2016
Be careful while buying any off-brand electronics from Amazon, as they could end up infecting you. Recently, independent security researcher Mike Olsen discovered that the CCTV surveillance devices sold on Amazon came with pre-installed malware. Olsen discovered this nasty secret after he bought a set of outdoor CCTV surveillance cameras from Amazon for one of his friends. He picked Sony Chip HD 6 Camera 1080P PoE IP CCTV surveillance camera kit sold by the Urban Security Group (USG) on Amazon, as it had good reviews and was a relatively cheap set of 6 cameras with all necessary equipment included. While helping his friend set up the cameras, Olsen logged into the administrator panel to configure the surveillance system and found that the page hosted "no normal controls or settings." Assuming that it might be bad programming, Olsen opened up the browser's developer tools and was surprised to discover a hidden iFrame loaded at the bottom of the bo
Bloomberg's Businessweek website infected with Malware

Bloomberg's Businessweek website infected with Malware

Nov 02, 2012
On a quick tip from a The Hacker News reader - Travis, we came to know about that some antivirus giving warning when readers try to visit  Bloomberg's Businessweek website ( businessweek.com ) that the site is infected with malware and trying to drop a malware on visitor's system. Website having very high alexa rank, that means it server updates to millions of daily visitors. Most obvious that Bloomberg's site was hacked and then hacker was able to inject the script to infect visitors of site. After exploring the site, I found that some " Under Maintenance " pages like (  hxxp://bx.businessweek.com/photos/spham708_medium.jpg  ) of  Businessweek website having injected iframe that trying to open a remote page uploaded on a italian website as shown below: Injected URL :  hxxp://www.lamiabiocasa.it/class/cls-memcache.php ( Do not open this page ). We have another news from other sources that, recently around hundreds of italian websites was got hacked silently
10,000 Victims a Day: Infostealer Garden of Low-Hanging Fruit

10,000 Victims a Day: Infostealer Garden of Low-Hanging Fruit

Jul 15, 2024Cyber Crime / Data Protection
Imagine you could gain access to any Fortune 100 company for $10 or less, or even for free. Terrifying thought, isn't it? Or exciting, depending on which side of the cybersecurity barricade you are on. Well, that's basically the state of things today. Welcome to the infostealer garden of low-hanging fruit. Over the last few years, the problem has grown bigger and bigger, and only now are we slowly learning its full destructive potential. In this article, we will describe how the entire cybercriminal ecosystem operates, the ways various threat actors exploit data originating from it, and most importantly, what you can do about it. Let's start with what infostealer malware actually is. As the name suggests, it's malware that... steals data. Depending on the specific type, the information it extracts might differ slightly, but most will try to extract the following: Cryptocurrency wallets Bank account information and saved credit card details Saved passwords from various apps Bro
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