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Fortnite for Android Released, But Make Sure You Don't Download Malware

Fortnite for Android Released, But Make Sure You Don't Download Malware

Oct 12, 2018
Yes, it is official. The massively popular battle royale video game from Epic Games, Fortnite: Battle Royale is finally available for Android devices. Epic announced Thursday that the Android version of Fortnite is now available for everyone to download for free, so you no longer require an invite to play the most popular battle royale game on your phone. Epic Games have provided a list of supported Android phones on its official website, from where you can directly download Fortnite for your compatible device. Initially available for a brief period as a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 exclusive title, Fortnite: Battle Royale for Android was later opened up to other Android devices, but users still needed an invitation for the beta to play. Thankfully, you no longer need an invitation. Now all Android users can download Fortnite, provided they have a compatible device. Fortnite for Android Not Available on Google App Store For those unaware, Fortnite is not available for download
Fortnite APK Download for Android Won't Be Available on Google Play Store

Fortnite APK Download for Android Won't Be Available on Google Play Store

Aug 06, 2018
There's both good news and bad news for Fortnite game lovers. Fortnite, one of the most popular games in the world right now, is coming to Android devices very soon, but players would not be able to download Fortnite APK from the Google Play Store. Instead, Epic Games software development company has confirmed the Fortnite APK for Android will be available for download exclusively only through its official website, bypassing the Google Play Store. Why Fortnite for Android Bypassing Google Play Store? Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney cites two main reasons for this decision. First, offering Fortnite APK downloads directly from its official website will allow the company to "have a direct relationship" with its consumers. Second, since Google takes a 30 percent cut of revenue each time a user makes an in-app purchase through its Play Store, the decision will allow the company to save millions. This should not be shocking as Fortnite on iOS made $15 million in j
Timing is Everything: The Role of Just-in-Time Privileged Access in Security Evolution

Timing is Everything: The Role of Just-in-Time Privileged Access in Security Evolution

Apr 15, 2024Active Directory / Attack Surface
To minimize the risk of privilege misuse, a trend in the privileged access management (PAM) solution market involves implementing just-in-time (JIT) privileged access. This approach to  privileged identity management  aims to mitigate the risks associated with prolonged high-level access by granting privileges temporarily and only when necessary, rather than providing users with continuous high-level privileges. By adopting this strategy, organizations can enhance security, minimize the window of opportunity for potential attackers and ensure that users access privileged resources only when necessary.  What is JIT and why is it important?   JIT privileged access provisioning  involves granting privileged access to users on a temporary basis, aligning with the concept of least privilege. This principle provides users with only the minimum level of access required to perform their tasks, and only for the amount of time required to do so. One of the key advantages of JIT provisioning
Beware! Fortnite Cheat Hijacks Gamers’ PCs to Intercept HTTPS Traffic

Beware! Fortnite Cheat Hijacks Gamers' PCs to Intercept HTTPS Traffic

Jul 04, 2018
If you are looking for Fortnite v-bucks generator, aimbot or any other game cheats—then beware—you might end up installing malware on your PC! Web-based game-streaming platform Rainway is reporting that tens of thousands of Fortnite players have inadvertently infected their systems with a piece of malware that hijacks their encrypted HTTPS web sessions to inject fraudulent ads into every website they visit. According to a blog published by Rainway CEO Andrew Sampson, the company began receiving hundreds of thousands of error reports from its server logs last week, and after investigating, the team found that the systems of their users were attempting to connect with various ad platforms. Since Rainway system only allows whitelisted domains to load content, all ads-related requests got rejected, resulting in triggering an error every time the users' systems try to connect with a third-party server. It turns out that the malicious adware attacking Rainway users had one t
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WATCH: The SaaS Security Challenge in 90 Seconds

websiteAdaptive ShieldSaaS Security / Cyber Threat
Discover how you can overcome the SaaS security challenge by securing your entire SaaS stack with SSPM.
Epic Games Fortnite for Android–APK Downloads Leads to Malware

Epic Games Fortnite for Android–APK Downloads Leads to Malware

Jun 18, 2018
Given Fortnite's current popularity and craziness across the globe, we understand if you have been searching the web for download links to Fortnite APK for Android phone. However, you are not alone, thousands of people out there are also searching tutorials and links for, " how to install Fortnite on Android " or " how to download Fortnite for Android " on the Internet. The app has taken the world by storm since its launch in the same way Minecraft and Pokemon Go took before it. The fortnite game spent the first third of 2018 breaking records with an astonishing 3.4 million players playing the game at a time in February. However, you should keep this in mind—Fortnite for Android smartphones is not available yet and, is still under development. In March when Epic Games released Fortnite game for iOS, the company also announced that the world's most famous battle royale game with more than 125 million players is also coming to Android this summer.
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