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NASA HACKED! AnonSec tried to Crash $222 Million Drone into Pacific Ocean

NASA HACKED! AnonSec tried to Crash $222 Million Drone into Pacific Ocean

Feb 02, 2016
Once again the Red Alarm had been long wailed in the Security Desk of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA ). Yes! This time, a serious hacktivism had been triggered by the Hacking group named " AnonSec " who made their presence in the cyber universe by previous NASA Hacks. The AnonSec Members had allegedly released 276 GB of sensitive data which includes 631 video feeds from the Aircraft & Weather Radars; 2,143 Flight Logs and credentials of 2,414 NASA employees, including e-mail addresses and contact numbers. The hacking group has  released a self-published paper named " Zine " that explains the magnitude of the major network breach that compromised NASA systems and their motives behind the leak. Here's How AnonSec Hacked into NASA The original cyber attack against NASA was not initially planned by AnonSec Members, but the attack went insidious soon after the Gozi Virus Spread that affected millions of systems a
First Ever Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves

First Ever Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves

Oct 15, 2015
While the US military continues to build more advanced unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAVs ), popularly known as Drones , the US company Battelle has developed a shoulder-mounted rifle to deal with unwanted drones flying around. Dubbed DroneDefender , the revolutionary weapon specifically designed to target and knock drones out of the sky at a range of just 400 meters, without totally destroying them. The Battelle DroneDefender utilizes radio waves to neutralize in-flight Drones and force them to land or hover or return to its point of origin. Video Demonstration You can watch the video given below to know how the DroneDefender works. It shows how the weapon is able to stop a drone in its tracks and cause it to land. The DroneDefender weighs less than 5 kilograms and can disable a hostile drone within a 400-meter radius. How does DroneDefender Work? As soon as the trigger is pulled, DroneDefender emits radio pulses that interrupt the communications system
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MalDrone — First Ever Backdoor Malware for Drones

MalDrone — First Ever Backdoor Malware for Drones

Jan 27, 2015
The use of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) called Drones is rapidly transforming the way we go to war. Drones were once used for land surveillance, Delivering Pizza's, then equipped with bombs that changed the way nations conduct war and last year, these hovering drones were also used to hack Smartphones. Recently, a security researcher has found a backdoor in the Parrot AR Drones manufactured by a French-based company, that could allow a malicious hacker to remotely hijacked the radio controlled flying quadcopter helicopter. The Parrot AR Drone, revealed at the International CES 2010 in Las Vegas, is a quadricopter helicopter which you can control with your smartphone or tablet. It features two built-in cameras, is easy to fly, and can be controlled without too much danger of it flipping over or smashing into things. FIRST EVER MALWARE FOR DRONES Security researcher, Rahul Sasi claimed to have developed the first ever backdoor malware for AR drone ARM L
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