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A Simple 5-Step Framework to Minimize the Risk of a Data Breach

A Simple 5-Step Framework to Minimize the Risk of a Data Breach

Nov 19, 2021
Today's businesses run on data. They collect it from customers at every interaction, and they use it to improve efficiency, increase their agility, and provide higher levels of service. But it's becoming painfully obvious that all of that data businesses collect has also made them an enticing target for cybercriminals. With each passing day, the evidence of that grows. In the last few months, we've witnessed massive data breaches that targeted  Neiman Marcus ,  Facebook , and the  Robinhood  stock trading app. And they're hardly alone. In recent years, the number of data breaches worldwide has averaged  close to three per day . That statistic suggests that the average business has a target on its back and is running out of time to mount a defense of its data. And doing so doesn't have to be difficult. To help, here's a simple 5-step framework businesses of all sizes can use to protect their customer data. Step One: Review and Adapt Data Collection Standards
The 2020 State of Breach Protection Survey – Call for Participation

The 2020 State of Breach Protection Survey – Call for Participation

Dec 17, 2019
2010-2019 decade will be remembered as the time in which cybersecurity became acknowledged as a critical concern for all organizations. With rapidly growing security needs and respective budgets, it is now more essential than ever for security decision-makers to zoom out of the 'products' mindset and assess their security stack in light of the overall breach protection value that their investments return. The 2020 State of Breach Protection Survey ( click here to participate ) attempts to map out for the first time how breach protection is practiced and maintained globally – what are the common products, services, concerns, and challenges that are most common amongst organizations. Any security professional filling the anonymous salary survey questionnaire , organised by The Hacker News in partnership with Cynet, will get a free copy of the survey report once it is released in January 2020. You can complete the questionnaire here . Why is that important? Because unli
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How to Avoid the Top Three Causes of Data Breaches in 2019

How to Avoid the Top Three Causes of Data Breaches in 2019

Oct 24, 2019
What's the price of unprotected IT infrastructure? Cybercrime Magazine says that global damages will surpass $6 billion as soon as 2021 . Here we'll go through some of the most frequent and emerging causes of data breaches in 2019 and see how to address them in a timely manner. Misconfigured Cloud Storage It's hard to find a day without a security incident involving unprotected AWS S3 storage, Elasticsearch, or MongoDB. A global study from Thales and the Ponemon Institute states that only 32% of organizations believe protecting their data in a cloud is their own responsibility. Worse, according to the same report, 51% of the organizations still do not use encryption or tokenization to protect sensitive data in the cloud. McAfee confirms, claiming that 99% of cloud and IaaS misconfigurations fall into the realm of end users' control and remain unnoticed. Marco Rottigni, Chief Technical Security Officer EMEA at Qualys , explains the problem: "Some of th
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