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Google 'Android N' Will Not Use Oracle's Java APIs

Google 'Android N' Will Not Use Oracle's Java APIs

December 30, 2015Swati Khandelwal
Google appears to be no longer using Java application programming interfaces (APIs) from Oracle in future versions of its Android mobile operating system, and switching to an open source alternative instead. Google will be making use of OpenJDK – an open source version of Oracle's Java Development Kit (JDK) – for future Android builds. This was first highlighted by a "mysterious Android codebase commit" submitted to Hacker News. However, Google confirmed to VentureBeat that the upcoming Android N will use OpenJDK, rather its own implementation of the Java APIs. Google and Oracle have been fighting it out for years in a lawsuit, and it is hard to imagine that such a massive change is not related to the search engine giant's ongoing legal dispute with Oracle, however. What Google and Oracle are Fighting About The dispute started when Oracle sued Google for copyright in 2010, claiming that Google improperly used a part of its programming language
The Pirate Bay Founders Free Of Criminal Copyright Case

The Pirate Bay Founders Free Of Criminal Copyright Case

July 11, 2015Swati Khandelwal
The four co-founders of The Pirate Bay, the world's most popular torrent website, have been cleared of charges alleging criminal copyright infringement and abuse of electronic communications in a Belgian court. The Pirate Bay co-founders Gottfrid Svartholm , Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström were acquitted by a Belgian court located in Mechelse after it was found that they could not be held responsible for the file-sharing website after selling it in 2006. The Pirate Bay's founders Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij, the website representative Peter Sunde and the website investor Carl Lundström were facing criminal charges related to their involvement with the torrenting site that has proven to be an elusive hub for illegal copyrighted content. The Pirate Bay was Sold to other Investors in 2006 However, the case fell apart when the Pirate Bay's co-founders said that they were not involved in any activity related to the website after they sold it to Re
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