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First-Ever Data Stealing Malware Found Using Intel AMT Tool to Bypass Firewall

First-Ever Data Stealing Malware Found Using Intel AMT Tool to Bypass Firewall

Jun 09, 2017
It's not hard for a well-funded state-sponsored hacking group to break into corporate networks and compromise systems with malware, but what's challenging for them is to keep that backdoor and its communication undetectable from a firewall and other network monitoring applications. However, a cyber-espionage group known as " Platinum ," that is actively targeting governmental organisations, defense institutes, and telecommunication providers since at least 2009, has found a way to hide its malicious activities from host-based protection mechanisms. Microsoft has recently discovered that the cyber-espionage group is now leveraging Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT) Serial-over-LAN (SOL) channel as a file-transfer tool to steal data from the targeted computers without detection. Intel-based chip sets come with an embedded technology, called AMT, which is designed to allow IT administrators to remotely manage and repair PCs, workstations, and serve
Cisco finds new Zero-Day Exploit linked to NSA Hackers

Cisco finds new Zero-Day Exploit linked to NSA Hackers

Sep 20, 2016
Network equipment vendor Cisco is finally warning its customers of another zero-day vulnerability the company discovered in the trove of NSA's hacking exploits and implants leaked by the group calling itself " The Shadow Brokers ." Last month, the Shadow Brokers published firewall exploits, implants, and hacking tools allegedly stolen from the NSA's Equation Group, which was designed to target major vendors including, Cisco, Juniper, and Fortinet. A hacking exploit, dubbed ExtraBacon , leveraged a zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2016-6366) resided in the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) code of Cisco ASA software that could allow remote attackers to cause a reload of the affected system or execute malicious code. Now Cisco has found another zero-day exploit , dubbed "Benigncertain," which targets PIX firewalls. Cisco analyzed the exploit and noted that it had not identified any new flaws related to this exploit in its current products. But,
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