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Hackers Breach Okta's GitHub Repositories, Steal Source Code

Hackers Breach Okta's GitHub Repositories, Steal Source Code

Dec 22, 2022 Software Security / Data Breach
Okta, a company that provides identity and access management services, disclosed on Wednesday that some of its source code repositories were accessed in an unauthorized manner earlier this month. "There is no impact to any customers, including any HIPAA, FedRAMP, or DoD customers," the company  said  in a public statement. "No action is required by customers." The security event, which was  first reported  by Bleeping Computer, involved unidentified threat actors gaining access to the Okta Workforce Identity Cloud ( WIC ) code repositories hosted on GitHub. The access was subsequently abused to copy the source code. The cloud-based identity management platform noted that it was alerted to the incident by Microsoft-owned GitHub in early December 2022. It also emphasized that the breach did not result in unauthorized access to customer data or the Okta service. Upon discovering the lapse, Okta said it placed temporary restrictions on repository access and that i
Critical 'Sign in with Apple' Bug Could Have Let Attackers Hijack Anyone's Account

Critical 'Sign in with Apple' Bug Could Have Let Attackers Hijack Anyone's Account

May 30, 2020
Apple recently paid Indian vulnerability researcher Bhavuk Jain a huge $100,000 bug bounty for reporting a highly critical vulnerability affecting its ' Sign in with Apple ' system. The now-patched vulnerability could have allowed remote attackers to bypass authentication and take over targeted users' accounts on third-party services and apps that have been registered using 'Sign in with Apple' option. Launched last year at Apple's WWDC conference, ' Sign in with Apple ' feature was introduced to the world as a privacy-preserving login mechanism that allows users to sign up an account with 3rd-party apps without disclosing their actual email addresses (also used as Apple IDs). In an interview with The Hacker News, Bhavuk Jain revealed that the vulnerability he discovered resided in the way Apple was validating a user on the client-side before initiating a request from Apple's authentication servers. For those unaware, while authenticating
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Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Found in Auth0 Identity Platform

Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Found in Auth0 Identity Platform

Apr 07, 2018
A critical authentication bypass vulnerability has been discovered in one of the biggest identity-as-a-service platform Auth0 that could have allowed a malicious attacker to access any portal or application, which are using Auth0 service for authentication. Auth0 offers token-based authentication solutions for a number of platforms including the ability to integrate social media authentication into an application. With over 2000 enterprise customers and managing 42 million logins every day and billions of login per month, Auth0 is one of the biggest identity platforms. While pentesting an application back in September 2017, researchers from security firm Cinta Infinita discovered a flaw ( CVE-2018-6873 ) in Auth0's Legacy Lock API , which resides due to improper validation of the JSON Web Tokens (JWT) audience parameter. Researchers successfully exploited this issue to bypass login authentication using a simple cross-site request forgery (CSRF/XSRF) attack against the
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