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Post-Macro World Sees Rise in Microsoft OneNote Documents Delivering Malware

Post-Macro World Sees Rise in Microsoft OneNote Documents Delivering Malware

Feb 03, 2023 Attack Vector / Endpoint Security
In a continuing sign that threat actors are adapting well to a  post-macro world , it has emerged that the use of Microsoft OneNote documents to deliver malware via phishing attacks is on the rise. Some of the notable malware families that are being distributed using this method include AsyncRAT,  RedLine Stealer , Agent Tesla,  DOUBLEBACK , Quasar RAT, XWorm,  Qakbot ,  BATLOADER , and  FormBook . Enterprise security firm Proofpoint said it detected over 50 campaigns leveraging OneNote attachments in the month of January 2023 alone. In some instances, the email phishing lures contain a OneNote file, which, in turn, embeds an HTA file that invokes a PowerShell script to retrieve a malicious binary from a remote server. Other scenarios entail the execution of a rogue VBScript that's embedded within the OneNote document and concealed behind an image that appears as a seemingly harmless button. The VBScript, for its part, is designed to drop a PowerShell script to run DOUBLEBACK
Gaming Platforms as an attack vector against remote systems

Gaming Platforms as an attack vector against remote systems

Mar 18, 2013
Little more than a year ago I wrote about the possibility to attack gaming platform to compromise large audience of gamers in stealthy way, the access to millions of machines represent a dream for every attackers and I hypnotized its repercussion in cyber warfare domains. Gaming platform are usually complex systems equipped with the latest technology and the idea to exploit them as possible attack vectors cultivated by many governments. Researchers at ReVuln, Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante , presented at Black Hat Europe 2013 in Amsterdam how to convert local bugs and features in remotely exploitable security vulnerabilities by using the popular EA Origin 3 platform as an attack vector against remote systems. EA Origin is one of the biggest gaming related digital delivery platforms with more than 40 million the access it to purchase games for any kind of platform, from mobile to PC. Before describe the discovery of the two Italian experts let's give analy
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