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The Hidden Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

The Hidden Dangers of Public Wi-Fi
Aug 24, 2023 Network Security / DNS
Public Wi-Fi, which has long since become the norm, poses threats to not only individual users but also businesses. With the rise of remote work, people can now work from virtually anywhere: a cafe close to home, a hotel in a different city, or even while waiting for a plane at the airport. Next, let's explore the risks of connecting to public Wi-Fi, both for you personally and for businesses. According to the  Forbes Advisor  the majority of people (56%) connect to public Wi-Fi networks that don't require a password. This convenience comes at a price, and many are unaware that attackers can steal card details, passwords, and other sensitive information. Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks:  This is one of the most common threats on public Wi-Fi. In an MITM attack, the hacker secretly intercepts and possibly alters the communication between two parties. The user believes they are directly communicating with a website, email server, or another user, but the hacker is relaying t

iPhone Instagram users vulnerable to hackers

iPhone Instagram users vulnerable to hackers
Dec 03, 2012
Instagram - Facebook's popular photo sharing app for iOS, is currently has a vulnerability that could make your account susceptible to hackers. A security researcher Carlos Reventlov  published on Friday another attack on Facebook's Instagram photo-sharing service that could allow a hacker to seize control of a victim's account. " The Instagram app communicates with the Instagram API via HTTP and HTTPs connections. Highly sensitive activities, such as login and editing profile data, are sent through a secure channel. However, some other request are sent through plain HTTP without a signature, those request could be exploited by an attacker connected to the same LAN of the victim's iPhone. " Vulnerability Details --   The vulnerability is in the 3.1.2 version of Instagram's application, which is  susceptible to "eavesdropping and man in the middle attacks that could lead an evil user to delete photos and download private media without the victim's con
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