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Introducing 93Gbps High-Speed Tor-Like Encrypted Anonymous Network

Introducing 93Gbps High-Speed Tor-Like Encrypted Anonymous Network
Jul 24, 2015
I think you'll agree with me when I say: It's quite hard to maintain anonymity on the Internet using the slow Tor network. Or is it? Well, it turns out, you may soon boost your online anonymity dramatically with the help of a new high-speed anonymity network. A group of six academics have developed a Tor network alternative for users that allows high-speed anonymous web surfing, reinforcing the privacy of Internet users worldwide. The network is dubbed: HORNET: High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer Many anonymising networks, including The Onion Router (or TOR) network, are often slow because the data passing through the networks is encrypted a many numbers of times. However, the high-speed onion routing network HORNET is capable of handling anonymous traffic at speeds of more than 93 Gbps  while maintaining privacy. The new anonymous network is built by researcher Chen Chen of Carnegie Mellon University , along with Daniele Enri

Why Tor Shuts Down its Anonymous Cloud Service?

Why Tor Shuts Down its Anonymous Cloud Service?
May 11, 2015
Why Tor Cloud Project Shuts Down? Yes, you heard that right. The Tor project has announced that it's closing down its Tor Cloud service that allowed users to donate bandwidth for browsing the web anonymously. The Tor Project is a non-profit organization behind the Tor anonymizing network that allows any online user to browse the Internet without the fear of being tracked. And one of its lesser known projects was the Amazon-powered Tor Cloud service. Tor Cloud Project provided a user-friendly way for users to create a "bridge" node on Amazone's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for the Tor network, essentially donating bandwidth to the Tor network in order to help users access an uncensored Internet faster and securely. Launched back in 2011, Tor Cloud Project was a pretty good idea then… ...Why Tor is closing Tor Cloud Service? What could be the reason for the shutdown of Tor Cloud Project? Tor developers were unable to get enough help to maintain the so
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