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Critical Code Injection Flaw In Gnome File Manager Leaves Linux Users Open to Hacking

Critical Code Injection Flaw In Gnome File Manager Leaves Linux Users Open to Hacking
Jul 20, 2017
A security researcher has discovered a code injection vulnerability in the thumbnail handler component of GNOME Files file manager that could allow hackers to execute malicious code on targeted Linux machines. Dubbed Bad Taste , the vulnerability ( CVE-2017-11421 ) was discovered by German researcher Nils Dagsson Moskopp, who also released proof-of-concept code on his blog to demonstrate the vulnerability. The code injection vulnerability resides in "gnome-exe-thumbnailer"  — a tool to generate thumbnails from Windows executable files (.exe/.msi/.dll/.lnk) for GNOME, which requires users to have Wine application installed on their systems to open it. Those who are unaware, Wine is a free and open-source software that allows Windows applications to run on the Linux operating system. Moskopp discovered that while navigating to a directory containing the .msi file, GNOME Files takes the filename as an executable input and run it in order to create an image thumbna

Wine On Android For Running Windows Apps

Wine On Android For Running Windows Apps
Feb 03, 2013
As you know, many enthusiasts Android mobile users wishing for alternate of WINE software for Android mobiles or tablet as well, that allow applications designed for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems. Sounds Interesting ? Alexandre Julliard , the original developer behind the Wine software project working on upcoming WINE version that will allow you to run windows apps on Android platform. Wine development talks being held during FOSDEM 2013 . In a Demo Julliard showed lite version of Wine running on Android, was quite slow. Anyway, this Wine port for Android is an active work-in-progress and hasn't received much attention yet. Before this Winulator makes it possible to run some classic Windows games on Android devices. Android devices currently use ARM-based chips and Intel has also been pushing its low power Atom x86 processors for Android phones and tablets, so Wine for Android could also theoretically run on devices with x86 chips. Eit

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