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New Flaws in TPM 2.0 Library Pose Threat to Billions of IoT and Enterprise Devices

New Flaws in TPM 2.0 Library Pose Threat to Billions of IoT and Enterprise Devices
Mar 03, 2023 Enterprise Security / IoT
A pair of serious security defects has been disclosed in the Trusted Platform Module ( TPM ) 2.0 reference library specification that could potentially lead to information disclosure or privilege escalation. One of the vulnerabilities,  CVE-2023-1017 , concerns an out-of-bounds write, while the other,  CVE-2023-1018 , is described as an out-of-bounds read. Credited with discovering and reporting the issues in November 2022 is cybersecurity company Quarkslab. "These vulnerabilities can be triggered from user-mode applications by sending malicious commands to a TPM 2.0 whose firmware is based on an affected TCG reference implementation," the Trusted Computing Group (TCG)  said  in an advisory. Large tech vendors, organizations using enterprise computers, servers, IoT devices, and embedded systems that include a TPM can be impacted by the flaws, Quarkslab  noted , adding they "could affect billions of devices." TPM is a hardware-based solution (i.e., a crypto-pro

Researchers Discover TPM-Fail Vulnerabilities Affecting Billions of Devices

Researchers Discover TPM-Fail Vulnerabilities Affecting Billions of Devices
Nov 13, 2019
A team of cybersecurity researchers today disclosed details of two new potentially serious CPU vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to retrieve cryptographic keys protected inside TPM chips manufactured by STMicroelectronics or firmware-based Intel TPMs. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a specialized hardware or firmware-based security solution that has been designed to store and protect sensitive information from attackers even when your operating system gets compromised. TMP technology is being used widely by billion of desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, and even by Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices to protect encryption keys, passwords, and digital certificates. Collectively dubbed as TPM-Fail , both newly found vulnerabilities, as listed below, leverage a timing-based side-channel attack to recover cryptographic keys that are otherwise supposed to remain safely inside the chips. CVE-2019-11090 : Intel fTPM vulnerabilities CVE-2019-16863 : STMicroelectronics

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