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New Case Study: The Malicious Comment

New Case Study: The Malicious Comment

May 07, 2024 Regulatory Compliance / Cyber Threat
How safe is your comments section? Discover how a seemingly innocent 'thank you' comment on a product page concealed a malicious vulnerability, underscoring the necessity of robust security measures. Read the full real-life case study  here .  When is a 'Thank you' not a 'Thank you'? When it's a sneaky bit of code that's been hidden inside a 'Thank You' image that somebody posted in the comments section of a product page! The guilty secret hidden inside this particular piece of code was designed to let hackers bypass security controls and steal the personal identifying information of online shoppers, which could have meant big trouble for them and the company. The page in question belongs to a global retailer. User communities are often a great source of unbiased advice from fellow enthusiasts, which was why a Nikon camera owner was posting there. They were looking for the ideal 50mm lens and asked for a recommendation. They offered thanks in advance to whoever might take th
Why Defenders Should Embrace a Hacker Mindset

Why Defenders Should Embrace a Hacker Mindset

Nov 20, 2023 Threat Management / Red Team
Today's security leaders must manage a constantly evolving attack surface and a dynamic threat environment due to interconnected devices, cloud services, IoT technologies, and hybrid work environments. Adversaries are constantly introducing new attack techniques, and not all companies have internal Red Teams or unlimited security resources to stay on top of the latest threats. On top of that, today's attackers are indiscriminate and every business - big or small - needs to be prepared. It is no longer enough for security teams to  detect and respond ; we must now also  predict and prevent . To handle today's security environment, defenders need to be agile and innovative. In short, we need to start thinking like a hacker.  Taking the mindset of an opportunistic threat actor allows you to not only gain a better understanding of potentially exploitable pathways, but also to more effectively prioritize your remediation efforts. It also helps you move past potentially harmful biases, su
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