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Team GhostShell Exposes 700k accounts from African universities and businesses

Team GhostShell Exposes 700k accounts from African universities and businesses

Jan 28, 2013
The Hacktivist group  Team GhostShell today exposes data including 700,000 accounts / records from African universities and businesses during a campaign named ProjectSunRise . Hacker mention, " GhostShell's new project focuses on Africa, mainly, for the time being, South Africa and to some extent other countries from the continent, such as Algeria, Nigeria, Kenya and Angola. " In this new campaign hackers have targeted a many companies and universities i.e Angola's National Diamond Corporation, Ornico Marketing, Moolmans Africa Mining Corporation, South African Express Petroleum, State University, Kenyan Business Directory, PostNet Internet Services and also PressOffice linked to BidOrBuy which is South Africa's largest online store. Hacker release Mysql databases dumps of all these sites via pastebin notes . Hackers said, " Companies like Anglo American have decimated our vast natural resources and have paid our local workers next to nothing. In a resul
Team Ghostshell leaks 1.6 million accounts under #ProjectWhiteFox

Team Ghostshell leaks 1.6 million accounts under #ProjectWhiteFox

Dec 10, 2012
Team Ghostshell a Hacktivists group of hackers, who before was in news for hacking Major Universities Around The Globe and leaked 120,000 records, are once again hit major organisations and expose around 1.6 million accounts  Hacker name the project as #ProjectWhiteFox , means " Freedom of Information " . These leaked 1.6 millions user accounts belongs to aerospace, nanotechnology, banking, law, education, government, military, all kinds of wacky companies & corporations working for the department of defense, airlines and more. In a Pastebin Note hackers mention, " How we went from 'cyber-criminals' to 'hacktivists' to 'e-terrorists' to 'bad actors' to blacklisted. #ProjectHellFire got the US wary of us, at that time we still wasn't sure if GhostShell had gotten X'd, but when the second release of #ProjectWestWind came out, you guys got so hyped about it that we knew it had started to unfold. " Hacked
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