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18-Year-Old Student Arrested for Hacking School Computers to Change Grades

18-Year-Old Student Arrested for Hacking School Computers to Change Grades

May 05, 2014
An 18-year old Miami University student is facing charges for allegedly breaching the school's computer system to change grades for himself and four other students. Jose Bautista appeared before a judge Friday after he was arrested Thursday by the Miami School Board Police after the principal of Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School turned him in, after the student reportedly gave him a written confession. The principal claims he obtained a written confession from the student. " It's not fair to the people that really try ," said Mayan Dehry , a student at Bautista's school. " Like, I know a lot of kids are in AP classes, and they try really hard to get the grades that they get. I don't know, if you're just going to be lazy and then change your grades, that's not what learning is about. " A fellow student Brett Curtis said Bautista's actions are not representative of the majority of his peers. " We have almost 3,000
Anonymous Takes Down NISD Over Student Tracking

Anonymous Takes Down NISD Over Student Tracking

Nov 27, 2012
Hacker group Anonymous claims he took down North-side Independent School District's website (www.NISD.net) on Saturday to protest the district's use of tracking badges. On Sunday, Nov. 25, the same hacktivist released a statement via Pastebin giving the school district "1-3 days" to meet with parents and explain the student tracking program in detail. If the district fails to comply with the request, hacktivist promise to "simply shut down" the school district website once again. The hacker group also sent a Twitter message to the NISD account on Thursday, teasingly notifying them that their site was down. " They're tracking students! They have rights too. I want a statement about this, nobody agrees with that, even the parents! " Anonymous said. NISD said it wanted to expand the Student Locator Project to 112 Texas schools and around 100,000 students to curb truancy, apparently a major problem at the school district in question. It was reported that by improv
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