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Europol Arrests Gang Behind Zeus And SpyEye Banking Malware

Europol Arrests Gang Behind Zeus And SpyEye Banking Malware

Jun 27, 2015
The Law enforcement agencies from six different European countries have taken down a major Ukrainian-based cyber criminals gang suspected of developing, distributing and deploying Zeus and SpyEye banking malware . According to the report on the official website of Europol, authorities have arrested five suspects between June 18 and 19. All the five suspects are the members of an alleged gang that has been accused of infecting tens of thousands of computers worldwide with malware and banking Trojans. The alleged cybercriminal group distributed and used Zeus and SpyEye malware to steal money from several major banks in Europe and outside. The gang constantly modified its malware Trojans to defeat the security protocols of banks and used " mule networks " to launder money. "On the underground digital forums, they actively traded stolen credentials, compromised bank account information and malware," Europol said in a statement on Thursday, "
Tilon/SpyEye2 Banking Trojan Usage Declining after SpyEye Author Arrest

Tilon/SpyEye2 Banking Trojan Usage Declining after SpyEye Author Arrest

Feb 27, 2014
Today, when we come across various malware, exploit kits and botnets that are in the wild, we think about an effective Antivirus solution or a Security Patch, but the most effective solution is always " The arrest of malware authors and culprits who are involved in the development of Malware. " Tilon has been an active malware family that was spotted first time in 2012, was specially designed to filch money from online bank accounts, that earlier various researchers found to be the new version of Silon , is none other than the SpyEye2 banking Trojan , according to researchers at security firm  Delft Fox-IT . Tilon  a.k.a  SpyEye2 is the sophisticated version of SpyEye Trojan . Majority functional part of the malware is same as of the SpyEye banking Trojan that was developed by a 24-year-old Russian hacker ' Aleksandr Andreevich Panin ' or also known as  Gribodemon , who was arrested in July 2013. ' SpyEye ', infected more than 1.4 million Computers
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