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A Hackers Pot of Gold: Your MSP's Data

A Hackers Pot of Gold: Your MSP's Data

Feb 09, 2023 Password Security
A single ransomware attack on a New Zealand managed service provider (MSP) disrupted several of its clients' business operations overnight, most belonging to the healthcare sector. According to the country's privacy commissioner, " a cyber security incident involving a ransomware attack " in late November upended the daily operations of New Zealand's health ministry when it prevented the staff from accessing thousands of medical records. The Ministry of Justice, six health regulatory authorities, a health insurer, and a handful of other businesses also number among those affected by second-hand damage from the attack. There are ways to  recover from a ransomware attack , but the damage often extends into that attacked organization's customers and vendors.  The targeted MSP in this incident is Mercury IT, a business based in Australia. Te Whatu Ora, the New Zealand health ministry, was unable to access at least 14,000 medical records because of the outage at
A Secure User Authentication Method – Planning is More Important than Ever

A Secure User Authentication Method – Planning is More Important than Ever

Jan 16, 2023 Identity Management / MFA
When considering authentication providers, many organizations consider the ease of configuration, ubiquity of usage, and technical stability. Organizations cannot always be judged on those metrics alone. There is an increasing need to evaluate company ownership, policies and the stability, or instability, that it brings. How Leadership Change Affects Stability In recent months, a salient example is that of Twitter. The Twitter platform has been around since 2006 and is used by millions worldwide. With many users and a seemingly robust authentication system, organizations used Twitter as a primary or secondary authentication service. Inconsistent leadership and policies mean the stability of a platform is subject to change, which is especially true with Twitter as of late. The ownership change to Elon Musk precipitated widespread changes to staffing and policies. Due to those changes,  a large portion of staff was let go , but this included many individuals responsible for the techn
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external linkTraditional App Security is No Longer Enough

websitewww.nonamesecurity.comAPI Security
When it comes to ensuring the security of your APIs, there are four critical capabilities.
Fixing the Weakest Link — The Passwords — in Cybersecurity Today

Fixing the Weakest Link — The Passwords — in Cybersecurity Today

Mar 11, 2021
Password security has long been an issue for businesses and their cybersecurity standards. Account passwords are often the weakest link in the overall security posture for many organizations. Many companies have used Microsoft's default password policies for decades. While these can be customized, businesses often accept the default values for their organization. The Windows default password policy is a good start, but are there security vulnerabilities associated with it? Let's look at the current recommendations from leading cybersecurity authorities and see how they measure up against the Windows default password policy. Windows default password policy settings Many, if not most, business environments today use Microsoft Active Directory as their identity and access management solution in the enterprise. Active Directory has served organizations in this capacity for decades.  One of the built-in capabilities provided by Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)
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