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ALERT! Hackers targeting IoT devices with a new P2P botnet malware

ALERT! Hackers targeting IoT devices with a new P2P botnet malware

Oct 07, 2020
Cybersecurity researchers have taken the wraps off a new botnet hijacking Internet-connected smart devices in the wild to perform nefarious tasks, mostly DDoS attacks, and illicit cryptocurrency coin mining. Discovered by Qihoo 360's Netlab security team, the  HEH Botnet  — written in Go language and armed with a proprietary peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol, spreads via a brute-force attack of the Telnet service on ports 23/2323 and can execute arbitrary shell commands. The researchers said the HEH botnet samples discovered so far support a wide variety of CPU architectures, including x86(32/64), ARM(32/64), MIPS(MIPS32/MIPS-III), and PowerPC (PPC). The botnet, despite being in its early stages of development, comes with three functional modules: a propagation module, a local HTTP service module, and a P2P module. Initially downloaded and executed by a malicious Shell script named "wpqnbw.txt," the HEH sample then uses the Shell script to download rogue programs for all
Researchers Expose Security Flaw in Internet-Ready HDTVs

Researchers Expose Security Flaw in Internet-Ready HDTVs

Dec 28, 2011
Researchers at Mocana, a security technology firm in San Francisco, recently demonstrated the ease with which they could hack into a popular Internet-ready HDTV model. They exploited a vulnerability in the software that displays websites on the TV, allowing them to control the information sent to the television. This flaw enabled them to create fake screens for sites like Amazon.com, prompting users to enter their credit card details. Additionally, they could monitor data sent from the TV to other sites. "Consumer electronics makers seem to be rushing to connect all their products to the Internet," said Adrian Turner, Mocana's CEO. "The design teams at these companies have not put enough thought into security." Mocana, along with similar firms, sells technology to protect devices and often highlights potential threats. This test underscores a warning from security experts: the rise of Internet TVs, smartphones, and other web-ready gadgets creates new opportun
5 Key Questions CISOs Must Ask Themselves About Their Cybersecurity Strategy

5 Key Questions CISOs Must Ask Themselves About Their Cybersecurity Strategy

Jul 08, 2024Cybersecurity / Enterprise Security
Events like the recent massive CDK ransomware attack – which shuttered car dealerships across the U.S. in late June 2024 – barely raise public eyebrows anymore.  Yet businesses, and the people that lead them, are justifiably jittery. Every CISO knows that cybersecurity is an increasingly hot topic for executives and board members alike. And when the inevitable CISO/Board briefing rolls around, everyone wants answers: Are we safe from attacks? Are we making progress? Could happen to us? These are all fair concerns.  The question is, how do we best answer them? A company board deserves clear, concise information tied to business goals , not technical details about fixes or attack methods. A communication gap between the CISO and the board can lead to misunderstandings, increased risk, and potentially devastating cyberattacks. And this is why one of the overriding challenges for CISOs today remains: How to pr
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