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More SIM Cards Vulnerable to Simjacker Attack Than Previously Disclosed

More SIM Cards Vulnerable to Simjacker Attack Than Previously Disclosed
Sep 27, 2019
Remember the Simjacker vulnerability? Earlier this month, we reported about a critical unpatched weakness in a wide range of SIM cards, which an unnamed surveillance company has actively been exploiting in the wild to remotely compromise targeted mobile phones just by sending a specially crafted SMS to their phone numbers. If you can recall, the Simjacker vulnerability resides in a dynamic SIM toolkit, called the S@T Browser , which comes installed on a variety of SIM cards, including eSIM, provided by mobile operators in at least 30 countries. Now, it turns out that the S@T Browser is not the only dynamic SIM toolkit that contains the Simjacker issue which can be exploited remotely from any part of the world without any authorization—regardless of which handsets or mobile operating systems victims are using. WIB SIM ToolKit Also Leads To SimJacker Attacks Following the Simjacker revelation, Lakatos, a researcher at Ginno Security Lab, reached out to The Hacker News earli

Vodafone Germany rolls out SIM Card-based end-to-end Encryption

Vodafone Germany rolls out SIM Card-based end-to-end Encryption
Mar 11, 2014
Since mobile has become a basic need for every common as well as important figure now a days. So, every company is highly working to find more effective ways to protect sensitive data of their users and in the race, Vodafone lead the game. In collaboration with its security partner Giesecke & Devrient ( G&D ) which is an international leader in mobile security solutions, Vodafone is offering an end-to-end encryption for mobile communication based on the phone SIM card. Secure Data such as emails, documents, data carriers, and VPN connections will be signed and encrypted by the SIM in such a way that they are unreadable to unauthorized third parties assuring your security and privacy. SIM users have to encrypt the data by simply using a PIN and a digital signature, and the same is needed in order to decrypt the communication. " The solution uses the widespread S/MIME encryption program for email exchanges, and in the future, encryption via PGP will also be

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