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Hack Battle at 'The Hacker Conference 2013' with CTF365

Hack Battle at 'The Hacker Conference 2013' with CTF365

May 22, 2013
The Hacker Conference partnered up with CTF365 to provide the best CTF experience during the conference. While trying to find out more about their product and also about their CTF surprise, I got an interview with Marius Corici Co-founder and CEO for CTF365. Q: November 2012 was when you first announced about this project which was supposed to start at the begin-ning of 2013. What happened that made you delay the starting date? A: Well, we're definitely enthusiastic about making CTF365 the greatest CTF platform out there, and this proves to be much more difficult than initially anticipated. I won't get into detail, because, as it happens, the story is like something pulled out from the theater of the absurd. If we would ever get a chance to make a making-of- CTF365 movie, I'm sure it would be amusing and tragic at the same time. What I will say [and repeat], is that we are putting our best efforts into making CTF365 work, we are a small and committed team, which is a problem [for
ClubHack 2012 Hacking and Security Conference

ClubHack 2012 Hacking and Security Conference

Nov 12, 2012
Carrying reputation of being India's choicest and oldest hacker's conference, Team ClubHack proudly brings the 6th edition of ClubHack Hacking and Security Conference with more exciting activities. ClubHack 2012 hacker's convention will be held from Nov. 30th to Dec 3rd, 2012 in Pune, India. ClubHack in true sense is a community event and is always the most cost effective yet biggest security event of India. ClubHack 2012 is highly technical conference with 2 days of Technical Briefings and 2 days of hand-on training workshops. ClubHack2012 is loaded with more number of talks, more workshops and a special event HackNight. Event includes specialized hands-on training workshops for Network Admins, DBAs, Developers, Researchers, Architects, Managers, Govt. Agencies, Auditors and Students. For the first time ClubHack introduces a new event for hackers & developers – HackNight, a night where actual hackers spend time not to "break" into someone but to "make" something i
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