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4 Places to Supercharge Your SOC with Automation

4 Places to Supercharge Your SOC with Automation
Jan 17, 2023 Security Automation / SOC Platform
It's no secret that the job of SOC teams continues to become increasingly difficult. Increased volume and sophistication of attacks are plaguing under-resourced teams with false positives and analyst burnout. However, like many other industries, cybersecurity is now beginning to lean on and benefit from advancements in automation to not only maintain the status quo, but to attain better security outcomes. Automation across multiple phases of the SOC workflow The need for automation is clear, and it is apparent that it is becoming table stakes for the industry. Of all cyber resilient organizations, IBM estimates that  62%  have deployed automation, AI and machine learning tools and processes.  Up until now, much of these advancements in automation have been focused on response, with SOAR and incident response tools playing an instrumental role in tackling the most urgent phase of the SOC workflow.  Centering the focus only on response, however, means we're treating the sym

Why Vulnerability Scanning is Critical for SOC 2

Why Vulnerability Scanning is Critical for SOC 2
Sep 12, 2022
SOC 2 may be a voluntary standard, but for today's security-conscious business, it's a minimal requirement when considering a SaaS provider. Compliance can be a long and complicated process, but a scanner like  Intruder  makes it easy to tick the vulnerability management box. Security is critical for all organisations, including those that outsource key business operations to third parties like SaaS vendors and cloud providers. Rightfully so, since mishandled data – especially by application and network security providers – can leave organisations vulnerable to attacks, such as data theft, extortion and malware. But how secure are the third parties you've entrusted with your data? SOC 2 is a framework that ensures these service providers securely manage data to protect their customers and clients. For security-conscious businesses – and security should be a priority for every business today – SOC 2 is now a minimal requirement when considering a SaaS provider. What SOC

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Gain the Trust of Your Business Customers With SOC 2 Compliance

Gain the Trust of Your Business Customers With SOC 2 Compliance
Jun 19, 2019
In today's business environment, data is what matters most. It matters to organizations that monetize it into operational insights and optimisations, and it matters the threat actors that relentlessly seek to achieve similar monetisation by compromising it. In the very common scenario in which organisation A provides services to organization B, it's imperative for the latter to be absolutely sure that the former handles its data in the most secure way. While there's no one-size-fits-all in cybersecurity, there are various frameworks that provide robust guidelines for organizations to see if the security controls in place indeed address their needs. NIST cybersecurity framework is a good example of such guidelines. There are industry specific standards, such as HIPPA for healthcare and PCI-DSS for credit card processing. However, in recent years, SOC 2 is gaining momentum in the US as a general standard for all organizations that store or process data for consumers and busi
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