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Script Kiddies can Now Create their Own Ransomware using This Kit

Script Kiddies can Now Create their Own Ransomware using This Kit
Aug 19, 2015
Don't panic! You heard it right. A Turkish security researcher named Utku Sen has posted a fully functional Ransomware code on open source code sharing website GitHub . The Ransomware dubbed Hidden Tear , uses AES Encryption to lock down files before displaying a ransom message warning to get users to pay up. The currently undetectable version of ransomware can be modified and implemented accordingly, as it contains every feature a cybercriminal can expect from modern malware. Sen describes his Ransomware as "a ransomware-like file crypter sample which can be modified for specific purposes." This means even script kiddies can now develop their own Ransomware to threaten people. The Hidden Tear — Free Ransomware Kit The " Hidden Tear " Ransomware package consists of four files namely: Hidden-Tear-Decrypter Hidden-Tear .gitignore README.md Hidden Tear Ransomware is capable of : Using AES algorithm to encrypt files Sendi

'Tox' Offers Free build-your-own Ransomware Malware Toolkit

'Tox' Offers Free build-your-own Ransomware Malware Toolkit
May 29, 2015
" Ransomware " threat is on the rise, but the bad news is that Ransomware campaigns are easier to run, and now a Ransomware kit is being offered by hackers for free for anyone to download and distribute the threat. Ransomware is a type of computer virus that infects a target computer, encrypts their sensitive documents and files, and locks the out until the victim pays a ransom amount, most often in Bitcoins. Sometimes even the best security experts aren't able to unlock them and end up paying off ransom to crooks in order to get their important files back. Tox — Free Ransomware Kit Now, to spread this creepy threat more easily by even a non-tech user, one dark web hacker has released a ransomware-as-a-service kit, dubbed " Tox ," for anyone to download and set up their own ransomware for free. Yes, believe it or not, but Tox is completely free to use . The developers of the online software make money by taking a cut (20%) of any succes

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