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Dangerous Malware Discovered that Can Take Down Electric Power Grids

Dangerous Malware Discovered that Can Take Down Electric Power Grids

Jun 12, 2017
Last December, a cyber attack on Ukrainian Electric power grid caused the power outage in the northern part of Kiev — the country's capital — and surrounding areas, causing a blackout for tens of thousands of citizens for an hour and fifteen minutes around midnight. Now, security researchers have discovered the culprit behind those cyber attacks on the Ukrainian industrial control systems. Slovakia-based security software maker ESET and US critical infrastructure security firm Dragos Inc. say they have discovered a new dangerous piece of malware in the wild that targets critical industrial control systems and is capable of causing blackouts. Dubbed " Industroyer " or " CrashOverRide ," the grid-sabotaging malware was likely to be used in the December 2016 cyber attack against Ukrainian electric utility Ukrenergo , which the security firms say represents a dangerous advancement in critical infrastructure hacking. According to the researchers, CrashO
MIT Develops Hack-Proof RFID Chip — Here's How It Works

MIT Develops Hack-Proof RFID Chip — Here's How It Works

Feb 06, 2016
Do you know about RFID chips and how many you are carrying at this moment? Today, RFID chips are built-in all sorts of items, including your credit cards, travel swipe cards, library books, grocery store cards, security tags, implanted medical records, passports and even the access cards provided by companies. But, What actually is an RFID chip? Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a small electronic device consisting of a chip on which data can be encoded, and an antenna used to transmit that data. It is typically used for short-distance communication of information. However, there is concern that these RFID chips could easily be hacked, and the information on these chips could easily be stolen by hackers. After all, they don't even require physical access to these chips in order to get data from it. The good news is: Researchers at MIT have developed a new way that prevents RFID chips from hacking. Although the information on RFID chip is pro
AppSec Webinar: How to Turn Developers into Security Champions

AppSec Webinar: How to Turn Developers into Security Champions

Jul 18, 2024App Security / Security Awareness
Let's face it: AppSec and developers often feel like they're on opposing teams. You're battling endless vulnerabilities while they just want to ship code. Sound familiar? It's a common challenge, but there is a solution. Ever wish they proactively cared about security? The answer lies in a proven, but often overlooked, strategy: Security Champion Programs — a way to turn developers from adversaries into security advocates? Join our upcoming FREE webinar, " Turn Developers into Allies: The Power of Security Champion Programs, " to discover the secrets behind this game-changing approach. In this webinar, you'll learn: Overcoming the Resistance: Proven tactics to bridge the gap between developers and security, fostering a spirit of collaboration and trust. The Power of Effective Communication: Learn how to make security messaging resonate with developers, without the jargon overload. Creating a Culture of Champions: Discover how to build a Securi
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