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Pinterest Exploit exposes user information of 70 Million accounts

Pinterest Exploit exposes user information of 70 Million accounts

Aug 26, 2013
Security researcher Dan Melamed has found a serious Pinterest Exploit that exposed user's information of over 70 Million accounts. The security researcher Dan Melamed has found a Critical Pinterest Exploit that compromised the privacy of over 70 Million Users, the flaw allows hackers to view the email address of any user on Pinterest. Pinterest is a very popular social media, over 70 million users including high profile figures and brands that ordinary use it, such a flaw could have a serious impact on their privacy. Dan has found the way to access to the information belonging to the owner of the Access token, as the researcher has shown it is possible to display them visiting the following URL. https://api.pinterest.com/v3/users/me/?access_token= MTQzMTYwMjozNTcxOTE5NTE2MDQyNjcxNzc6MnwxMzc3MDY4ODMyOjAtLTE2 ZWJjNDg4NzYxYTFmZWIwZmU0ODcxYzc3ZWUyN2E2YTdhOWNlN2I= Substituting the " /me/ " part of the link with the username of another Pinterest user it
Malicious Pinterest browser plugin stealing passwords and spreading spam

Malicious Pinterest browser plugin stealing passwords and spreading spam

Jul 11, 2013
Social networking sites are unfortunately now major interest to malicious cyber criminals, spreading malware and building botnet army to steal money direct from your keyboards. Janne Ahlberg, a security professional from Finland found and analysed an interesting piece of malicious code, offered as browser plugin, and infecting system to steal passwords from user's browser and also modifies the original Pinterest Pins links to spam with malicious links automatically. A diet spam on Pinterest redirecting users to a malicious site with domain name  pinteresf.org , plausible-looking domain name, like original Pinterest with similar appearance. On page load, it triggers a pop up message to all incoming visitors, offering to download " Pinterest Tool " as shown in screenshots " To continue, install our Pinterest Tool and enjoy more features of our site. " Janne's investigation claims that, this fake site offering a fake malware loaded browser plugin, harvesting passwords from us
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