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PayPal Wants To Integrate Password with Human Body

PayPal Wants To Integrate Password with Human Body

Apr 18, 2015
You would have been holding a number of online accounts for different services, but how many of you hold a different and unique password for every single account? Probably a very few of you. The majority of people have one or two passwords that are quite simple and easy to remember and comfortably manage on their own. However, you need not worry as the Future of identification would not rely on Passwords , according to PayPal's global head of developer evangelism Jonathan Leblanc . Neither it will depend on the old Biometric identification technologies, such as Fingerprint scanners and IRIS scanners , Rather depends on something More Secure and Easier to Use … ...Embeddable, Injectable and Ingestible Devices Yes, the next generation of identification for mobile payments and other sensitive online interactions will depend on embeddable, injectable, and ingestible devices, completely replacing passwords with the identification of your body. KILL ALL PASSWORDS
Hacking PayPal Account with Just a Click

Hacking PayPal Account with Just a Click

Dec 03, 2014
The eBay owned popular digital payment and money transfer service, PayPal has been found to be vulnerable to a critical web application vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take control over users' PayPal account with just a click , affecting more than 156 millions PayPal users. An Egyptian security researcher, Yasser H. Ali has discovered  three critical vulnerabilities in PayPal website including CSRF , Auth token bypass and Resetting the security question, which could be used by cybercriminals in the targeted attacks. Cross-Site Request Forgery ( CSRF or XSRF) is a method of attacking a website in which an attacker need to convince the victim to click on a specially crafted HTML exploit page that will make a request to the vulnerable website on their behalf. Mr.Yasser demonstrated the vulnerability step-by-step in the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) video using a single exploit that combines all the three vulnerabilities. According to the demo, using Paypa
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