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Classiscam Scam-as-a-Service Raked $64.5 Million During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Classiscam Scam-as-a-Service Raked $64.5 Million During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sep 01, 2023 Cyber Crime / Online Scam
The Classiscam scam-as-a-service program has reaped the criminal actors $64.5 million in illicit earnings since its emergence in 2019. "Classiscam campaigns initially started out on classified sites, on which scammers placed fake advertisements and used social engineering techniques to convince users to pay for goods by transferring money to bank cards," Group-IB  said  in a new report. "Since then, Classiscam campaigns have become highly automated, and can be run on a host of other services, such as online marketplaces and carpooling sites." A majority of victims are based in Europe (62.2%), followed by the Middle East and Africa (18.2%), and the Asia-Pacific (13%). Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, and Romania accounted for the highest number of fraudulent transactions registered in Classiscam chats.  First discovered in 2019, Classiscam is an  umbrella term  for an operation that encompasses 1,366 distinct groups on Telegram. The activities first targeted Russi
This CIA Tool Hacks Windows Computers Silently Over the Network

This CIA Tool Hacks Windows Computers Silently Over the Network

Jun 02, 2017
WikiLeaks has published a new batch of the ongoing Vault 7 leak , this time detailing an alleged CIA project that allowed the agency to turn Windows file servers into covert attack machines that can silently infect other computers of interest inside a targeted network. Codenamed Pandemic , the tool is a persistent implant for Microsoft Windows machines that share files with remote users on a local network. The documents leaked by the whistleblower organisation date from April 2014 to January 2015. According to WikiLeaks, Pandemic infect networks of Windows computers through the Server Message Block (SMB) file sharing protocol by replacing application code on-the-fly with a trojanized version of the software. "Pandemic is a tool which is run as kernel shellcode to install a file system filter driver," a leaked CIA manual reads. "The filter will 'replace' a target file with the given payload file when a remote user accesses the file via SMB (read-only, not w
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