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YIKES! Hackers flood the web with 100,000 pages offering malicious PDFs

YIKES! Hackers flood the web with 100,000 pages offering malicious PDFs

Apr 15, 2021
Cybercriminals are resorting to search engine poisoning techniques to lure business professionals into visiting seemingly legitimate Google sites that install a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) capable of carrying out a wide range of attacks. The attack works by leveraging searches for business forms such as invoices, templates, questionnaires, and receipts as a stepping stone toward infiltrating the systems. Users attempting to download the alleged document templates are  redirected , without their knowledge, to a malicious website that hosts the malware. "Once the RAT is on the victim's computer and activated, the threat actors can send commands and upload additional malware to the infected system, such as ransomware, a credential stealer, a banking trojan, or simply use the RAT as a foothold into the victim's network," researchers from eSentire  said  in a write-up published on Tuesday. The cybersecurity firm said it discovered over 100,000 unique web pages that co
The Ultimate 2019 Security Team Assessment Template

The Ultimate 2019 Security Team Assessment Template

Nov 20, 2019
Assessing the performance of your security team is critical to both knowing your current posture, as well as planning ahead. ' The Ultimate 2019 Security Team Assessment Template ' is the first attempt to capture all the main KPIs of the security team main pillars, saving CIOs and CISOs the time and effort of creating such an assessment from scratch and providing them with a simple and easy-to-use tool to measure how their teams are operated in 2019, while setting up performance targets for 2020. Building such a template is challenging because security teams vary greatly in size and internal responsibility distribution. Additionally, there is little consistency in the terms used to designate the various positions across the industry – security analyst, for example, could have one meaning in a certain company and different one in another. The same goes for architects, managers, and directors. The Security Team Assessment Template ( download here ) addresses this chall
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external linkTraditional App Security is No Longer Enough

websitewww.nonamesecurity.comAPI Security
When it comes to ensuring the security of your APIs, there are four critical capabilities.
Engage Your Management with the Definitive 'Security for Management' Presentation Template

Engage Your Management with the Definitive 'Security for Management' Presentation Template

Jul 16, 2019
In every organization, there is a person who's directly accountable for cybersecurity. The name of the role varies per the organization's size and maturity – CISO, CIO, and Director of IT are just a few common examples – but the responsibility is similar in all places. They're the person who understands the risk and exposure, knows how prepared the team and most important – what the gaps are and how they can be best addressed. Apart from actually securing the organization – and losing some sleep over it – this individual has another equally important task: to communicate the security risk, needs, and status to the company's management. After all, the level of security rises in direct proportion to the amount of invested resources, and management people are the ones who decide and allocate them. Since management people are not typically cybersecurity savvy, engaging them can be challenging – one must find the balance between high-level explanations, a direct c
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