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Hackers Exploiting 'Bitmessage' Zero-Day to Steal Bitcoin Wallet Keys

Hackers Exploiting 'Bitmessage' Zero-Day to Steal Bitcoin Wallet Keys

February 14, 2018Swati Khandelwal
Bitmessage developers have warned of a critical 'remotely executable' zero-day vulnerability in the PyBitmessage application that was being exploited in the wild. Bitmessage is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communications protocol used to send encrypted messages to users. Since it is decentralized and trustless communications, one need-not inherently trust any entities like root certificate authorities. Those who unaware, PyBitmessage is the official client for Bitmessage messaging service. According to Bitmessage developers, a critical zero-day remote code execution vulnerability, described as a message encoding flaw, affects PyBitmessage version 0.6.2 for Linux, Mac, and Windows and has been exploited against some of their users. "The exploit is triggered by a malicious message if you are the recipient (including joined chans). The attacker ran an automated script but also opened, or tried to open, a remote reverse shell," Bitmessage core developer Peter Šurda ex
Windows 10 to deliver updates and App downloads via Peer-to-Peer Technology

Windows 10 to deliver updates and App downloads via Peer-to-Peer Technology

March 16, 2015Swati Khandelwal
Does downloading Windows updates from Microsoft's servers and waiting too long really annoy you? It might not be with the arrival of Windows 10 . Microsoft seems to make a major change in Windows 10 to the way it delivers updates for the software. The leaked version of Windows 10 build 10036 (the current version is build 9926) allows you to grab OS updates from Microsoft as well as other computers, whether they're on your local network or on the Internet. Yeah, it's a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology Microsoft is going to use in order to deliver both app and operating system updates. Peer-to-Peer , or P2P Technology is usually associated with file sharing services like BitTorrent to download illicit copies of movies and albums, and of course, those endless Linux ISOs you've been downloading. However, Redmond is embracing the technology as an efficient means to deliver software updates to its users around the globe. Peer-to-Peer downloads will be o — Secure 'Off-the-Record' p2p Encrypted Messaging Service — Secure 'Off-the-Record' p2p Encrypted Messaging Service

March 10, 2015Wang Wei
In this post-Snowden era of mass surveillance, being out-of-reach from the spying eyes really doesn't mean they can not get you. So, if you are concerned about your data privacy and are actually searching for a peer-to-peer encrypted messaging service, then it’s time to get one. " " — an open-source peer-to-peer browser-based messaging application that offers secure communication by making use of "Off-the-Record" (OTR) Messaging , a cryptographic protocol for encrypting instant messaging applications. OTR (Off-the-Record) is one of the most secure cryptographic protocol that offers strong encryption for real time communications i.e. Chatting and Messaging services. Off-the-Record simply means that there is nothing on the record, so nobody can prove that two parties had an Internet chat conversation or said anything specific. uses WebRTC to exchange messages via decentralized peer-to-peer communication , which means chat logs bet
Federal Judge ruled at Child pornography case, 'Your Peer-to-Peer file sharing data is not a private matter'

Federal Judge ruled at Child pornography case, 'Your Peer-to-Peer file sharing data is not a private matter'

November 13, 2013Mohit Kumar
Today computer telecommunications have become one of the most prevalent techniques used by pedophiles to share illegal photographic images of minors and to lure children into illicit sexual relationships. The Internet has dramatically increased the access of the preferential sex offenders to the population they seek to victimize and provides them greater access to a community of people who validate their sexual preferences. The Fourth Amendment is the most implicated and litigated portion of the Constitution. Courts are increasingly confronting the problems associated with adapting Fourth Amendment principles to modern technology. If you think that your peer-to-peer file sharing can be kept under wraps, then please think again. A federal judge ' Christina Reiss ' in Vermont has ruled that there should be no expectation of privacy for data shared across peer-to-peer file-sharing services. In a Child pornography case, three defendants argued that information gained
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