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Anonymous Hackers Threaten Israel with 'Electronic-Holocaust' on 7th April

Anonymous Hackers Threaten Israel with 'Electronic-Holocaust' on 7th April
Mar 31, 2015
The famous cyber hacker group Anonymous has vowed an ' Electronic Holocaust ' against Israel in response to what the group calls 'crimes in the Palestinian territories'. In a spooky video " message to Israel " posted on YouTube March 4, Anonymous declared yet another cyber attack on April 7, which is one week before Holocaust Remembrance day. Totally in news delivering style, the video clip shows a man wearing an Anonymous mask and threatening to take down Israeli servers and websites related to critical infrastructure next week, promising to 'erase you from cyberspace'. " We will erase [Israel] from cyberspace in our electronic Holocaust ," says the video. " As we did many times, we will take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military sites, and Israeli institutions. " The cyber activist group declared Palestinians youths as a 'symbol of freedom', and urged them to "never give up. [Anonymous] are with

Anonymous Group Takes Down Mossad's Website Over Gaza Conflict

Anonymous Group Takes Down Mossad's Website Over Gaza Conflict
Aug 01, 2014
The hacktivist group Anonymous has reportedly taken down the official website of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad against Israel's military incursion in Gaza, which has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties. The government of Israel has yet to comment on the Mossad hack attack. The ' Hacktivists ' were able to take down Mossad's website in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack early morning, claims a statement on one of the Anonymous hacker's Twitter account. The attack on the website is supposed to be severe as it has been over 10 hours and the site is still down at the time of writing. OPERATION SAVE GAZA The Anonymous group has already targeted a number of other Israeli organizations as part of a campaign titled " Operation Save Gaza " in the mission to stop this " massacre ." Anonymous group has also claimed responsibility of taking down multiple Israeli government sites following the death of one of the organization's members. The member n

#OpIsrael - 7 APRIL Anonymous calls to army for massive attack against Israel

#OpIsrael - 7 APRIL Anonymous calls to army for massive attack against Israel
Apr 06, 2013
We are on the eve of the fateful day, April 7th , the collective of Anonymous announced a massive cyber attack against the state of Israel as part of the campaign started in the last months and named #OpIsrael . The hacktivists are conducting a massive call to army to recruit new forces and inform all the members of collective of the cyber attack planned against Israeli network infrastructures. The hacktivists protest against Israeli bombing of Palestinian territory expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people condemning Israeli Government and its decisions.  The hackers motivated to The Hackers Post website their participation with following statement: " Israel isn't stopping human rights violations. It's to show solidarity with newly recognized Palestinian state." "the hacking teams have decided to unite against Israel as one entity…Israel should be getting prepared to be erased from the internet. " Anonymous has promised to ' erase Israel from the internet ' in a coordin

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A SaaS Security Challenge: Getting Permissions All in One Place 

A SaaS Security Challenge: Getting Permissions All in One Place
May 08, 2024Attack Surface / SaaS Security
Permissions in SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Workday, and Microsoft 365 are remarkably precise. They spell out exactly which users have access to which data sets. The terminology differs between apps, but each user's base permission is determined by their role, while additional permissions may be granted based on tasks or projects they are involved with. Layered on top of that are custom permissions required by an individual user.  For example, look at a sales rep who is involved in a tiger team investigating churn while also training two new employees. The sales rep's role would grant her one set of permissions to access prospect data, while the tiger team project would grant access to existing customer data. Meanwhile, special permissions are set up, providing the sales rep with visibility into the accounts of the two new employees. While these permissions are precise, however, they are also very complex. Application admins don't have a single screen within these applications th
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