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 Cryptocurrency Stealer Malware Distributed via 13 NuGet Packages

Cryptocurrency Stealer Malware Distributed via 13 NuGet Packages

Apr 11, 2023 Software Security / Cryptocurrency
Cybersecurity researchers have detailed the inner workings of the cryptocurrency stealer malware that was distributed via 13 malicious NuGet packages as part of a supply chain attack targeting .NET developers. The sophisticated typosquatting campaign, which was uncovered by JFrog late last month, impersonated legitimate packages to execute PowerShell code designed to retrieve a follow-on binary from a hard-coded server. The  two-stage attack  culminates in the deployment of a .NET-based persistent backdoor, called Impala Stealer, which is capable of gaining unauthorized access to users' cryptocurrency accounts. "The payload used a very rare obfuscation technique, called '.NET AoT compilation,' which is a lot more stealthy than using 'off the shelf' obfuscators while still making the binary hard to reverse engineer," JFrog told The Hacker News in a statement. .NET  AoT compilation  is an  optimization technique  that allows apps to be ahead-of-time c
Rogue NuGet Packages Infect .NET Developers with Crypto-Stealing Malware

Rogue NuGet Packages Infect .NET Developers with Crypto-Stealing Malware

Mar 22, 2023 DevOpsSec / Malware
The  NuGet  repository is the target of a new "sophisticated and highly-malicious attack" aiming to infect .NET developer systems with cryptocurrency stealer malware. The 13 rogue packages, which were downloaded more than 160,000 times over the past month, have since been taken down. "The packages contained a PowerShell script that would execute upon installation and trigger a download of a 'second stage' payload, which could be remotely executed," JFrog researchers Natan Nehorai and Brian Moussalli  said . While NuGet packages have been in the past found to  contain vulnerabilities  and be abused to  propagate phishing links , the development marks the first-ever discovery of packages with malicious code. Three of the most downloaded packages – Coinbase.Core, Anarchy.Wrapper.Net, and DiscordRichPresence.API – alone accounted for 166,000 downloads, although it's also possible that the threat actors artificially inflated the download counts using bo
Dozens of Vulnerable NuGet Packages Allow Attackers to Target .NET Platform

Dozens of Vulnerable NuGet Packages Allow Attackers to Target .NET Platform

Jul 07, 2021
An analysis of off-the-shelf packages hosted on the NuGet repository has revealed 51 unique software components to be vulnerable to actively exploited, high-severity vulnerabilities, once again underscoring the threat posed by third-party dependencies to the software development process. In light of the growing number of cyber incidents that target the software supply chain, there is an urgent need to assess such third-party modules for any security risks and minimize the attack surface, ReversingLabs researcher Karlo Zanki said in a report shared with The Hacker News. NuGet  is a Microsoft-supported mechanism for the .NET platform and functions as a package manager designed to enable developers to share reusable code. The framework maintains a central repository of over 264,000 unique packages that have collectively produced more than 109 billion package downloads. "All identified precompiled software components in our research were different versions of 7Zip, WinSCP and PuT
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A SaaS Security Challenge: Getting Permissions All in One Place

A SaaS Security Challenge: Getting Permissions All in One Place 

May 08, 2024Attack Surface / SaaS Security
Permissions in SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Workday, and Microsoft 365 are remarkably precise. They spell out exactly which users have access to which data sets. The terminology differs between apps, but each user's base permission is determined by their role, while additional permissions may be granted based on tasks or projects they are involved with. Layered on top of that are custom permissions required by an individual user.  For example, look at a sales rep who is involved in a tiger team investigating churn while also training two new employees. The sales rep's role would grant her one set of permissions to access prospect data, while the tiger team project would grant access to existing customer data. Meanwhile, special permissions are set up, providing the sales rep with visibility into the accounts of the two new employees. While these permissions are precise, however, they are also very complex. Application admins don't have a single screen within these applications th
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