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Microsoft Adds 2FA-Protected "Personal Vault" Within OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft Adds 2FA-Protected "Personal Vault" Within OneDrive Cloud Storage
Jun 26, 2019
Microsoft has introduced a new password-protected folder within its OneDrive online file storage service that will allow you to keep your sensitive and important files protected and secured with an extra layer of authentication. Dubbed Personal Vault , the new OneDrive folder can only be accessed with an additional step of identity verification, such as your fingerprint, face, PIN, or a two-factor authentication code sent to you via email or SMS. The Personal Vault folder will appear next to other folders in the OneDrive app like your Documents and Pictures, but it will be locked and prompt you for an additional code each time you try to access them via the web, PC, or mobile devices, thus keeping them more secure in the event when someone gains access to your account or your device. Microsoft suggests this new protected area in OneDrive would be useful for users to store more sensitive and personal files like copies of passport, tax, car or home documents, identification cards,

Microsoft Offers $100,000 Bounty for Finding Bugs in Its Identity Services

Microsoft Offers $100,000 Bounty for Finding Bugs in Its Identity Services
Jul 18, 2018
Microsoft today launched a new bug bounty program for bug hunters and researchers finding security vulnerabilities in its "identity services." Hacking into networks and stealing data have become common and easier than ever but not all data holds the same business value or carries the same risk. Since new security today depends on the collaborative communication of identities and identity data within, and across domains, digital identities of customers are usually the key to accessing services and interacting across the Internet. Microsoft said the company has heavily invested in the "creation, implementation, and improvement of identity-related specifications" that encourage "strong authentication, secure sign-on, sessions, API security, and other critical infrastructure tasks." Therefore, to further bolster its customers' security, the tech giant has launched an all-new, and independent bug bounty program. Dubbed Microsoft Identity Bounty

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