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Ransomware attacks on Hospitals put Patients at Risk

Ransomware attacks on Hospitals put Patients at Risk
April 04, 2016Unknown
Just last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued an urgent "Flash" message to the businesses and organisations about the threat of Samsam Ransomware , but the ransomware has already wreaked havoc on some critical infrastructure. MedStar, a non-profit group that runs 10 hospitals in the Baltimore and Washington area, was attacked with Samsam, also known as Samas and MSIL , last week, which encrypted sensitive data at the hospitals. After compromising the MedStar Medical System, the operators of the ransomware offered a bulk deal: 45 Bitcoins (about US$18,500) for the decryption keys to unlock all the infected systems. But unlike other businesses or hospitals, MedStar did not pay the Ransom to entertain the hackers. So, you might be thinking that the hospitals lost all its important and critical data. Right? But that was not the case in MedStar. Here's How MetStar Successfully dealt with SAMSAM Ransomware MetStar sets an exam

Two-year-old vulnerability in JBoss Application Servers enables Remote Shell for Hackers

Two-year-old vulnerability in JBoss Application Servers enables Remote Shell for Hackers
November 21, 2013Anonymous
Cyber security of many organizations being attacked at an extremely high rate this month, well another alarming cyber crime report become public today. A widely unpatched and two years old critical vulnerability in JBoss Application Server (AS) that enable an attacker to remotely get a shell on a vulnerable web server. JBoss Application Server is an open-source Java EE-based application server very popular, it was designed by JBoss, now a division of Red Hat. In late 2012, JBoss AS was named as " wildFly ", since disclosure of the exploit code many products running the affected JBoss Application Server have been impacted, including some security software. Tens of thousands of enterprise data center servers are vulnerable to this attack, with at least 500 actively compromised, according to the Imperva report. Many systems administrators have yet to properly configure their servers to mitigate the threat, and the number of potential targets has increased over
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