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Someone Hacked Selena Gomez Instagram, Shared Nude Justin Bieber Photos

Someone Hacked Selena Gomez Instagram, Shared Nude Justin Bieber Photos

Aug 30, 2017
The highest followers account on Instagram owned by Selena Gomez has recently been hacked with unknown hackers posting a bunch of nude photographs of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber on her account. The latest hack is not part of the ongoing Fappening events affecting a majority of celebrities by targeting their iCloud accounts, rather in the case of Selena, some hacker managed to breach her Instagram account and posted Bieber's photos. Bieber's three full-frontal shots of naked photos were visible to Selena's 125 million Instagram followers for a short duration of time, after which her account was swiftly taken down Monday night. A post from Selena's official Instagram account went up Monday showing 3 pics of Bieber with a caption that read: "LOOK AT THIS N***A LIL SHRIMPY." Selena's team has since re-secured her Instagram account, which was back online minutes after it was taken down, with the photos of Bieber deleted. The Bieber nude images
Instagram Patches flaw that Makes Private Photos Visible

Instagram Patches flaw that Makes Private Photos Visible

Jan 14, 2015
Your Instagram is not as Private as You Think. Millions of private Instagram photos may have been exposed publicly on the web until the company patched a privacy hole this weekend. Instagram team was unaware of a security vulnerability from long time which allowed anyone with access to an image's URL to view the photo, even those shared by users whose accounts are set to "private." In other words, If a private user shares an Instagram post with another service, such as Twitter or Facebook as part of the upload process, that shared photo will remain viewable to the public despite its privacy settings. The flaw was first reported by  David Yanofsky  at Quartz and Instagram acknowledged the issue last week before patching the flaw. In a statement to Quartz, an Instagram representative said: ' If you choose to share a specific piece of content from your account publicly, that link remains public but the account itself is still private, ' The Instagram vulnera
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