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Indian Security Agencies taking offensive mode for Cyber Security

Indian Security Agencies taking offensive mode for Cyber Security

November 04, 2012Mohit Kumar
India is set to take steps to protect its cyber infrastructure and designate agencies for carrying out offensive cyber attacks on other countries. Indian Government announce the appointment of   first coordinator for The National cyber security agency. Mr. Gulshan Rai , who presently heads the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), will be the first coordinator. The move comes at a time when proof shows countries launching cyber attacks not only for intelligence gathering and many nations describing the attacks as an act of war. " The plan is in final stages with certain legal issues being clarified. Among the issues are some objections to the legal powers of the proposed National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIPC), a command-and-control centre for monitoring the critical infrastructure. NCIPC is to be managed by the technical intelligence agency NTRO (National Technical Research Organisation), and could have all the powers th
Indian CERT issue warning about ongoing Skype Spam attack

Indian CERT issue warning about ongoing Skype Spam attack

October 30, 2012Mohit Kumar
Last month we reported a worm targeting Skype users with spam messages designed to infect machines with the Dorkbot ransomware has been discovered. This malware is spreading through a question/ phrase sent to the users by someone and the question is: " lol is this your new profile pic? " Same spam now targeting most of the Indian skype users, Indian CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) issue a warning about this ongoing spam attack via advisory. A number of Indians use 'Skype' to communicate with their friends, relatives and other contacts within and outside the country. " A malicious spam campaign is on the rise targeting Skype users by sending instant message which appears to come from friends in the Skype contact list ," the advisory reads. Security researchers from Avast had intercepted this Darkbot malware campaign, and they estimate that this affecting millions of Skype users. " The worm is reported as stealing user credentials, engaging in click fraud activities
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