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Here’s How to Hack Windows/Mac OS X Login Password (When Locked)

Here's How to Hack Windows/Mac OS X Login Password (When Locked)

Sep 07, 2016
A Security researcher has discovered a unique attack method that can be used to steal credentials from a locked computer ( but, logged-in ) and works on both Windows as well as Mac OS X systems. In his blog post published today, security expert Rob Fuller demonstrated and explained how to exploit a USB SoC-based device to turn it into a credential-sniffer that works even on a locked computer or laptop. Fuller modified the firmware code of USB dongle in such a way that when it is plugged into an Ethernet adapter, the plug-and-play USB device installs and acts itself as the network gateway, DNS server, and Web Proxy Auto-discovery Protocol (WPAD) server for the victim's machine. The attack is possible because most PCs automatically install Plug-and-Play USB devices, meaning "even if a system is locked out, the device [dongle] still gets installed," Fuller explains in his blog post . "Now, I believe there are restrictions on what types of devices are allowed to
Kernel Backdoor found in Gadgets Powered by Popular Chinese ARM Maker

Kernel Backdoor found in Gadgets Powered by Popular Chinese ARM Maker

May 12, 2016
How to Hack an Android device? It is possibly one of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet. Although it's not pretty simple to hack Android devices and gadgets, sometimes you just get lucky to find a backdoor access. Thanks to Allwinner, a Chinese ARM system-on-a-chip maker, which has recently been caught shipping a version of Linux Kernel with an incredibly simple and easy-to-use built-in backdoor. Chinese fabless semiconductor company Allwinner is a leading supplier of application processors that are used in many low-cost Android tablets, ARM-based PCs, set-top boxes, and other electronic devices worldwide. Simple Backdoor Exploit to Hack Android Devices All you need to do to gain root access of an affected Android device is… Send the text " rootmydevice " to any undocumented debugging process. The local privileges escalation  backdoor code for debugging ARM-powered Android devices managed to make its way in shipped firmware after fir
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USB Killer v2.0 — Latest USB Device that Can Easily Burn Your Computer

USB Killer v2.0 — Latest USB Device that Can Easily Burn Your Computer

Oct 13, 2015
Remember Killer USB ?? In March, a Russian security researcher devised a weird USB stick that is capable of destroying sensitive components of a computer when plugged-in. Now, the same researcher, nicknamed Dark Purple , has launched a new version of his computer-frying USB Killer pendrive – USB Killer version 2.0 . USB Killer 2.0 is much more powerful than the previous version and is able to "kill" more than just a PC it is plugged in. USB Killer 2.0 is More Powerful to Damage any Computer The first version of USB Killer was consist of a DC/DC converter, a few caps and an FET. When plugged into a system, the converter in the USB Killer would charge the caps up to -110V , apply that voltage to signal lines of the USB interface, and repeat the entire process until everything possible in the computer is broken down. However, the second version of USB Killer dump -220V directly onto the signal lines of the USB interface, which is powerful enough to
Windows 10 Preview Has A Keylogger to Watch Your Every Move

Windows 10 Preview Has A Keylogger to Watch Your Every Move

Oct 04, 2014
This week Microsoft announced the next version of its Operating system, dubbed WIndows 10, providing Windows 10 Technical Preview release under its " Insider Program " in order to collect feedback from users and help shape the final version of the operating system, but something really went WRONG! " Inside Microsoft's Insider Program you'll get all the latest Windows preview builds as soon as they're available. In return, we want to know what you think. You'll get an easy-to-use app to give us your feedback, which will help guide us along the way ." Microsoft website reads . Well, how many of you actually read the " Terms of Service " and " Privacy Policy " documents before downloading the Preview release of Windows 10? I guess none of you, because most computer users have habit of ignoring that lengthy paragraphs and simply click " I Agree " and then " next ", which is not at all a good practise. Also Read:   Deep Web Search Engines .
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